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As many of you already know, I am just two short weeks away from receiving my new book about personal prayer and pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus! While I have created a number of prayer-based craft kits to facilitate fruitful prayer journaling and Sacrament Prep and to bolster family prayer, this book offers some practical tips and insight to make personal prayer a strong priority and consistent habit.

…to make personal prayer a strong priority and consistent habit.

I have realized that despite good intentions to practice the Presence of God, surrender to divine Providence and pray without ceasing, my human weakness gets in the way and sometimes I simply forget to pray. I struggle on my own, mistakenly thinking I can somehow keep control on my own strength, forgetting that I need to faithfully rely on Him, seek His Will and trust in Him to work through me.

I wrote Prompt Me to Pray, as I began to discover a practical plan for more consistent heartfelt prayer. By relying on visual cues, daily tasks, habits, and frequent events as prompts to pray, I can build a stronger habit of prayer. I can even use my littleness, my struggles and my sin as prompts to pray when I most need to!

By reflecting on the teaching of theology masters like Fr. Jean Pierre de Caussade, Brother Lawrence, Fr. Jacques Philippe, Fr. Jean d’Elbee, Fr. Michael Gaitley and St. Therese, I think I have found some ways to pursue more consistent prayer from the heart.

The book features different approaches to heartfelt prayer including journaling and praying out loud, both spontaneous and classic prayers. It also includes journaling pages with specific writing prompts and prayers to customize your own personal plan for prayer. It includes a prayer vault of classic prayers and templates of full color pocket prayer prompts.

The book presents the Practice of the Presence of God, Surrender to Divine Providence and the Sacrament of the Present Moment. It underlines the need for surrendering our concerns and truly trusting in God and pursuing His Will. It also addresses our human frailty and suggests ways to use even our human weakness to draw us closer to Jesus and prompt us to pray more consistently.

…to use even our human weakness to draw us closer to Jesus
and prompt us to pray more consistently.

I hope that you share my excitement for the release of this book and that you will consider pre-ordering
Prompt Me to Pray, to take advantage of our current promotion.

A Look Inside


Prompt Me to Pray

A Practical Plan for More Consistent Prayer
from the Heart

by Monica McConkey

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