Well, we’ve got an unexpected stay-at-home SNOW DAY! … and we’re looking for things to do with stuff we already have at home!

I propose 7+ Catholic Recycle Crafts!

catapult and castle

1. Grace Catapult:  flinging mini marshmallows (of grace!) aiming to fill up TP roll people (see below) OR target sin (consider a homemade Angry Birds game*

I know this is a bit of a stretch, but it involves really fun crafts…and even more fun activities.  We have made these catapults along with cardboard castles for a few birthday parties!  Kids love target practice and the mini marshmallows are hopefully not too dangerous (as long as no one is aiming for eyes!)

TIP:  fasten a plastic table cloth backdrop behind the target zone to make clean up easier. That way, you won’t be finding disintegrating marshmallows behind the couch in July.

(*I realize that flinging marshmallows is different from the actual Angry Birds game, but look how cute these Angry Birds are…and how fun these Angry Birds activities are! )


recycled saints

2. Community of Saints: Make saints out of egg cartons or paper rolls. This Paper Roll Nativity was made by my 7 year old at school and I know that there are templates available online. I have also seen paper rolls embellished with sharpies, construction paper and fabric for little people, and I know that they would make great saints!

sin pin bowling

3. Sin Pin Bowling: represent the 7 deadly sins with plastic bottles covered in paint or painted paper maché. Here’s one I made, covering a plastic bottle with paper maché …many years ago. We called him “Grabby” because he represents Greed.

Simpler bowling pins can be made with clean, empty plastic bottles.  Swirling a little acrylic paint inside clear bottles  creates brightly colored pins, but you will need to allow the paint to dry before you fill the bottle with beans or rice to add weight.

Look for already-brightly colored plastic bottles or fill clear bottles with bright tissue paper (and beans or rice for weight) for quicker results!

Don’t forget to securely tighten the lid or glue it closed!


Saint Medals at Catholic Inspired

4.  Saint Medal Craft with Washers. I’ve wanted to try these ever since I saw them at Catholic Inspired.  I even have a metal stamper for washer crafts, but I discovered that metal stamping is harder than it looks!

Catholic Inspired uses nail polish to decorate the washer and check out the tutorial to see how they keep the holy medal in place!


5.  Sock Baby Jesus. I’m fascinated with easy or no-sew projects using single gloves or socks that have lost their match.

This Baby Jesus is NO SEW and it’s an awesome craft for the littles! Lacy at Catholic Icing even came up with an easy manger to put Baby Jesus in.  I think that this is a great craft all year round, fostering our kids’ love for Baby Jesus!


recycled villages


6. City of God: make a village for your Community of Saints out of cardboard cereal boxes, packing material or milk cartons. I think I could recreate the one from this Etsy Shop with cereal boxes plus paper and paint!

wine cork stamps

7. Stamping Spiritual Bouquet: Make little stamps out of carved corks. Let the kids keep track of the prayers of a Rosary, or the good deeds or sacrifices they perform by stamping a path of flowers or stars or swirls. Check out this Wine Cork Stamp tutorial!

As easier version can be made, gluing foam stickers to bottle caps or corks.


I’ve got a few other crafts in mind…that I hope to try soon. I will post when I have pictures!

Happy Snow Day…if you’ve got one too!



  1. These look like a lot of fun. My kids rummage through our recycle bins on a regular basis. It’s amazing what you can make with a toilet paper roll, tape, and paper. 🙂 Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

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