7 Quick Takes: Cool Stuff for Catholics’2013

So I’m running with scissors a little bit for this edition of 7 Quick Takes during these Christmas holidays! We’re enjoying some awesome family time with our ice rink in our Winter Wonderland of a backyard, after the ice storm a couple days ago! The luge run is under construction…and some of the big fallen tree limbs will be taken away by the town…soon.  It’s sad to see some of the fallen trees around town, but the ice and snow covered branches sure are pretty!

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The Last Week of Advent…via Jesse Tree ornaments!

This is the LAST week of Advent via the Jesse Tree Ornaments, from the Jesse Tree Ornament Swap organized by Michelle at Liturgical Time.

With December 1st being a Sunday this year, this is the shortest season of Advent possible. We actually have a couple extra ornaments to accommodate other years, when Advent includes more days! For no purposes other than to show them off, here are the remaining 7 ornaments!

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Cross Catholic Outreach Art Show

We are participating in the Cross Catholic Outreach Art Show, submitting our kids’ artwork for donations for hungry kids in Honduras.

My kids love to draw…what better way to raise money for such a worthy cause?!

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Keep Christ in Christmas: read Him, look for Him, pray to Him, visit him, share Him, give for Him; live for Him

This post is part of the Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up

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We have all heard the Nativity story, seen reenactments of Jesus’ Birth in school plays, Church pageants and even on the big screen. Santa Claus is pretty prevalent too, and we’re looking for ways to overpower the looming inflatable Santa Claus and Frosty that have adorned the house next door since mid-November.

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Fun Friday before Advent Sale!

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Small Success + 7 Quick Takes

I hope I’m not stepping on any toes…but I have decided to combine Small Success Thursdays with 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I find that I’m really excited to be a part of both communities of bloggers, but I expect that my subscribers probably don’t need two back-to-back posts with overlap. I find that the crowd at CatholicMom is so welcoming and encouraging…and they really go out of their way to visit all the linked up posts (and they comment too!) It feels like a family over there!

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a VOTE for Praying Out Loud

How about a vote for Praying Out Loud?

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Cross Catholic Outreach Art Show!

This Christmas season, Catholic Inspired, Cross Catholic Outreach and other Catholic Bloggers including Equipping Catholic Families are teaming up to empower kids to help the poor while using their artistic talent. Kids of all ages will be able to participate in an online art show from now until December 31st, 2013. Parents, family members and friends will make donations on behalf of their artwork to Cross Catholic Outreach. All proceeds will feed impoverished children and families in El Progreso, Honduras at the Prince of Peace Nutrition Center.

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Keep Christ in Christmas blog link-up!

Want to launch your Advent, focused on JESUS?

Want to share your ideas for keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS?

A couple of bloggers from the Catholic Bloggers Network are hosting

the 2nd Annual Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up!

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2013 Frankie Award: I’ve been nominated!

I’ve been nominated for a 2013 Frankie Award for a post on my other blog:

Check out For Praying Out Loud and then vote for me read all the entries over at Catholic Spirituality Blogs!

…and if you’d like you could vote for ME! Thanks!

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