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Small_Success_in_7_Quick_Takes_2I hope I’m not stepping on any toes…but I have decided to combine Small Success Thursdays with 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I find that I’m really excited to be a part of both communities of bloggers, but I expect that my subscribers probably don’t need two back-to-back posts with overlap. I find that the crowd at CatholicMom is so welcoming and encouraging…and they really go out of their way to visit all the linked up posts (and they comment too!) It feels like a family over there!

The huge link-up over at Conversion Diary causes quite the stir as well and people seem to visit the links for their weekend reading! I have become quite attached to some of the regular bloggers there too!

The other great fit…is that I can’t seem to get my act together to post my Small Success Thursdays by Wednesday night for inboxes on Thursday, so if I write this combined post on Thursday, (and link to Small Success Thursday),  it will appear in inboxes Friday anyway…and I can then link up to 7 Quick Takes.

If this is NOT a win-win for CatholicMom or Conversion Diary…please let me know and I will come up with a new solution for next week.

If you like this idea…can you help me choose a name that honors both awesome link-ups?

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small Keep Christ in Christmas

— 1 —

Small Success!

I launched the 2nd Annual Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up with the Catholic Bloggers Network.  We have 51 Catholic Bloggers signed up SO FAR!

I will keep the sign-up form open until November 29, 2013 if you’d like to join in, (writing on the ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ theme on your own Catholic Blog, and promoting all the links when we publish them on Dec 2! There will also be an optional FOLLOW FRENZY which was a great success during Lent…check out the details here

Just add your name on the Keep Christ in Christmas FORM and you will receive instructions about the Link-Up, which will go live on December 1-2!

St Gemma Website button

— 2 —

Small Success!

I have confirmed that I will be going to ROME Sept 22-Oct 3, 2013, with thanks to my real live sponsor St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages.

My dear friend Fr Scott McCaig has also confirmed that he will be the CHAPLAIN on this very same trip!


— 3 —

Small Success!

I am co-hosting the Cross Catholic Outreach Art Show with a number of my Catholic Blogger friends including Catholic Inspired.

All kids are invited to submit electronic scans of their original artwork throughout the month of December and all of our friends and family are invited to donate in honor of the artwork for hungry kids in Honduras.

Check out The Art of Giving!

Success in 7 Quick Takes

— 4 —

Small Success!

I like how this button looks…again, please let me know CatholicMom and Conversion Diary, if I’m stepping on your toes.

Ornament Exchange

— 5 —

Small Success!

I received my set of Jesse Tree Ornaments from the Ornament Exchange I participated in, through Liturgical Time.

These 30 ornaments are handcrafted by friends all across North America!

I will be showing these off over at Equipping Catholic Families soon!


— 6 —

just a Quick Take, definitely not a Success…

The good news…I signed up Adam for our last phase of swimming lessons at our town pool for January.

The bad news…I crunched into my Mom’s car as I hurried to get him registered…on Tuesday night.

With this 3rd unfixed casualty to our van, my husband says we now drive a giant potato.

— 7 —

Small Success!


I’ve got a couple bees in my bonnet

…two projects I hope to finish before Advent starts!

Maybe they will be a couple Small Successes next week!

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For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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