5 Tips to Help Adults Focus at Mass

Advance Reading

It always helps me to focus at Mass if I have read the readings beforehand. It also helps to receive the daily readings in the Blessed Is She Devotion each morning! I usually click on the link in the email and read the readings, psalm and Gospel along with the thoughtful reflection based on them. You can subscribe to Blessed Is She here

  • Missal

    The truth is…my hearing isn’t so great. I have a little trouble hearing the readings if the reader isn’t perfectly clear and if there is someone rustling a cough candy wrapper in the next pew.  I find it much easier to focus if I’m following along with the readings as they are read.

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  • 5 Tips to Help KIDS Focus at Mass


    Our kids range from 21 years down to 7 years old. Here are a couple tips we have found that have helped kids focus at Mass.

    1. Mass Mantra in the Van

    When the kids were a lot younger, I found myself kind of overwhelmed at Mass with them, especially when Bill was travelling and I was going it alone…with the kids. Church is only a 5 minute drive away, but I found that when I took the time to list ‘the rules’ and get the kids to repeat them after me, sometimes a look or one word could reign them back in. After 21 years of parenting, I still haven’t achieved the look my mother-in-law mastered that could keep even the most wiggly boy in check at Church, but our Mass Mantra has helped….along with the odd bout of bribery good behavior reward after Mass.

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    DIY Heirloom Play Mass Set

    It’s hard to believe that Adam is going to be seven this week!

    Last year, I made a Play Mass kit for Adam…and I love the way it turned out!

    I put a quick little ‘how-to’ craft kit for you with information for my favorite wood supply store…complete with an itemized purchase list to make it easy for you. See below…

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    DIY Heirloom Child Chasuble

    We made this Heirloom Play Mass Kit for Adam last year…

    He was doing fine with his Play Mass Kit, but I decided to make him his own priest vestment…a Chasuble.

    I bought a metre of no-wrinkle white fabric, some ribbon and some ribbon-sized heat bond (iron-on adhesive).

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    NEW! Holy Communion Reader Craft Kit

    Sacraments with the Saints!

    A few weeks ago we made our Reconciliation Reader: Sacraments with the Saints Craft Kit available as a PDF for you to share in the classroom or within your family.

    We are pleased to show you this much anticipated

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    Journal Stamps for Mass Missals

    You may have seen the launch of our new product line: Prayer Impressions Journal Stamps over at our Arma Dei Shoppe. They’ve been very popular! It looks like lots of people have found them helpful to transform their Prayer Journals, Bible Journaling, Bullet Journals, Daytimers and Calendars!

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    The Play Mass Kit

    The Play Mass Kit

    PDF Download: $2

    This kit contains itemized ordering information and special tips to compile your own wooden Play Mass Kit. Wooden pieces are purchased from a US wood company.

    The Play Mass Kit offers itemized ordering information from our favorite wood company to compile your own heirloom wooden Play Mass Kit easily for about $20! Special tips are presented in a picture tutorial within the kit!

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    Vintage Miniature Play Mass Set

    You might remember the Play Mass Kit I put together a couple weeks ago and the pictures of Adam ‘playing Mass’.

    There’s even a craft kit to help you order the pieces and assemble your own wooden Mass Kit!

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    Lace-Up Missal in English and Spanish

    Lace-Up Missal

    PDF Download: $13

    This illustrated folded paper church template includes the main responses of the people at Mass. Printed, folded and hole-punched, a child can thread the lace through the responses, keeping them focused (and their little hands busy) at Mass.

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    Blessing for the Mass Kit, and all who play with it

    We had an eventful weekend, hosting good friends from out of town, attending the Lift Jesus Higher Rally: Unshakable Kingdom as a vendor, selling the Super Saints for the first time at a Toronto event and hosting our good friend Fr Roger for dinner.

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