DIY Baby Jar Votive Candles

Saints Scripts MaryDo you remember our Saint Scripts Craft Kits, Series One and Two?

For a limited time…you can still get the set of TWO Saint Scripts Craft Kits for $25 (or regular $15 each)!

Well…we’ve discovered ANOTHER easy Catholic craft to make, using these craft kits that you may already have!

DIY Votive Candles
Each Saint Scripts Craft Kit includes research templates and full color postcards for 21 Saints!

Each color postcard in the kit, has a perfect-sized Kelly Saints image…that fits easily within the 6oz glass baby food jar. This could work with jars of all sorts of sizes…go check out your recycling bin!

With the help of the TWO Saint Scripts Craft Kits, you could make a set of 42 Kelly Saints votive candles with just a printer, a fine point Sharpie permanent marker and some clean and empty baby food jars! Were you wondering what to do with those leftover jars anyway?

There are fancy ceramic markers available…and lots of techniques online, but I found that my simple Sharpie marker is pretty permanent! I don’t expect to need to wash the jar in the dishwasher…but if I did, I might bake the drawn-on baby jars in a 350degree oven for about 30 minutes, just to be safe.

You could also google some Saint images and mod-podge them on the outer surface of clear glass jars, but you’d probably want to hair spray the printed images before you break out the mod-podge to prevent the ink from running. 

In any case…I like our custom Kelly Saints images and they are just-the-right-amount-of-cute for the baby jar version votive candles.

  1. I simply cut one of the Kelly Saints images and placed it facing outward on the inside of the baby food jar.
  2. I traced the image with simple lines and added some highlight color with some colored Sharpie markers. Although I didn’t make a mistake I couldn’t work with… I understand that rubbing alcohol can wipe the Sharpie ink from the glass, if needed.
  3. Divine Mercy Baby Jar VotiveGluing or tacking-in-place some regular white bond paper on the inside of the jar, lends just the right amount of opacity…kind of like frosted glass, when the candle is lit.


I may someday choose to pour wax around a weighted wick (or candlestick) for a more authentic prayer candle, but for now, a little tea light works just fine!

Saint Scripts Cards

Which Kelly Saints would you like to trace for your family set of DIY Baby Jar Votive Candles?  There are lots of great Saint Feast Days coming up in September and October!

Would you like to make your own Kelly Saints DIY Votive Candles? Here’s a shortcut to the Saint Scripts Craft Kits! For a limited time…buy Series ONE and TWO for $25 …for research pages and postcards for 42 Saints!

Saint Scripts Craft Kits, Series One and Two

Saint_Scripts_ONE Saint Scripts TWO


  1. Monica, Love it!!
    I might try this with a sauce jar…it’s larger but we don’t have baby food jars and I’m thinking we could get those pillar candles….the Dollar Tree near us sells them in every color.

    Love the idea….I’ll show your post to my son and he’ll come up with some way to adapt it!!

    Maybe we could do this for St Francis’s feast day in early Oct….hmmmm…

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Great idea! It was just a fluke that I found an empty baby food jar….from years ago! Any other jar can work….I love your idea about using a pillar candle from the dollar store! Endless possibilities! Thanks for commenting…I’ll be eager to see what your son comes up with!

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