Holy Spirit Spin Wheel for Pentecost!

We made a new craft for Pentecost

…and we’ve updated it for 2017!

Pentecost Spin Wheel

I like the design of this Spin Wheel because it reminds me of the Stained Glass of the Holy Spirit at St Peter’s in Rome!

I compiled a series of 7 templates to be printed and colored by the kids. I suggest gluing the cut circle to cardboard and/or an old DVD to give it the necessary weight to spin.  The hole punched circles around the perimeter are supposed to add to the whirring wind sound …as the Spin Wheel spins!

Holy Spirit Spinner Materials

Directions are in the kit…but it’s pretty straight forward if you are going to design your own.

Once you assemble the Spin Wheel circles, make a small hole in the center of the wheel and thread a 24″ piece of string (pushing it through the small hole (at the midpoint of the string) to get 2 strands on either side of the wheel.

Holding both ends of the string, swing the string (with the wheel threaded at the center) as you would swing a skipping rope. The two strands twist together and when you gently pull, the wheel will spin!

Check out the changing patterns and colors…and listen for the sound of the wind…another symbol of the Holy Spirit!


Pentecost craft 3 cover 
Holy Spirit SpinWheel

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  1. Hello, I am interested in the free Holy Spirit pin wheel. I have subscribed to the newsletter and would like to know if it is still available.

    • Hi Marian! Thanks for your interest! If you subscribe by email to the blog…you should receive an email every time I publish a post. Check your inbox for an email from Equipping Catholic Families. At the very bottom…there is a link to the Craft Kit Sampler. You will find the Holy Spirit Spin Wheel on this page…use the discount code to get it for free!

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