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Felt Friends

Are you afraid of SEWING?

I know it can be intimidating, especially if you insist on doing everything perfectly.  Although my grade 8 Home Ec teacher would probably have a little bit of a fit if she looked at the underside of most of my sewing projects, I’m quite satisfied with what I have accomplished by sewing!

felt car mat

I made the Custom 3D Car-mat,




the Kitchen Table Felt Castle,



felt ipod holdera Felt Ipod Holder 



and numerous Friendly Halloween Costumes,



lady bug BLT wrap boo


TY_doll_200I have also given a number of TY dolls a Makeover to be a Saint!

It`s true that none of my projects would win any Art of Sewing Awards, but I`m proud of them nonetheless.

OK, maybe my Bl. John Paul II TY Doll might, but that`s because my friend Lucia made him.


One of our popular crafts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families is to make little Felt Friends, cute little felt dolls, made pose-able by pipe-cleaners!

I have a proper tutorial available next week to Subscribers and Likers…so please make sure you follow us to get first access to this FREE Printable!

Here`s a preview of our Felt Friends Picture Tutorial!


Our Picture Tutorial of Felt Friend Stitches:


and our Felt Friends, who are easily adapted to become Saints and Bible Heroes!

felt friend dressed

The Felt Friends Printable includes full instructions, patterns and a special Picture Tutorial

and will be FREE for Subscribers and Likers of Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families!







  1. Monica, these projects are adorable!

    My son loves to sew and has made dolls before. I plan to pin this for the future and perhaps he cam copy your directions as best as he can ! I’ll let you know when he attempts it.

    Than you so much! The other projects look awesome as well!

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