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Prayer Bank Teacher GiftAs Catholics, we have no shortage of classic, beautiful prayers and devotions and I think it’s important to build our repertoire of prayers as family or in a classroom. That’s why we created the All Season Prayer Bank.

While I continue to say my Prompt Me to Pray Prayer to pray more continuously, consistently….I think any activities fostering active prayer life and confidence in prayer in our kids….are so important.  Praying for special intentions shouldn’t always be the main focus of our prayers, but it’s still important!

Does your prayer list get longer and longer?

Do you have trouble keeping track of all your prayer intentions and for all the people you have promised prayer for?

These Easy Prayer Boards are intended to encourage everyone to add prayer intentions to the family prayer list…and help us remember the requests, displayed proudly in a prominent spot!


Prayer Boards are awesome…and the more enticing the method, the easier it is to add prayer intentions and the more prominent the display…the more use it will get, and the more attention it will draw!

There’s the one in A Treasure Chest: The Elastic Prayer Board: a decorated little board with elastics to tuck in prayer requests.

Post-It Prayer Board

The even simpler version is the Post-it Note Prayer Board…where everyone can easily write their intentions on little (colorful) sticky notes, stuck to poster board.




…And there’s the Whiteboard Prayer Board, made easily with a frame, using a dry erase marker to record prayers on easily wipe-able glass.

I like this one over at Sometimes I Feel Like A Porcupine!

whiteboard DIY

The important thing is to talk about our prayer intentions; what we are concerned about and what we hope for.  We need to express them, even just write them down…and pray together as a family for these special requests.

There is another VERY UNIQUE approach to PRAYER coming later this week!

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