Feetprinting for St Peter and St Paul!

 St Peter St Paul Feetprint craft
June 29 is the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul!

St. Peter is the patron saint of foot trouble.

Years ago…I took a 4’x4′ canvas and let my kids make footprints with paint.  Actually…it was 1999!

I only had two kids then…they were 31/2  and 1…and they had really cute feet.



This is a previous post from the early days at Equipping Catholic Families…and a craft for the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul in A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

    inside the Treasure Chest…

11 years later, in 2011… with our 5 kids, ranging from 1 -15, we updated our Feastday Feetprinting Cloth!

five pairs of feet

feetprinting mat

It’s like our own Jackson Pollock.

Maybe we should stretch and frame it. Any other suggestions? =)

closeup feet

We added some hands too… from some of our less cooperative members.

Despite the rolling of the eyes

when I first got the canvas out and set up the paints in our driveway…
I think they had fun!
I think we’ll enjoy looking at it in a few years from now…
these feet have already grown quite a bit!
 kids feet

Make sure that you use washable paint! Just a little soap and water and most of our feet are back to their normal color!

Happy Feast of St Peter and St Paul!


  1. Hi there! I once painted the bottom of my 4 year old daughter’s feet and my 4 month old daughter’s feet and used the prints as a border in my office. I am a podiatrist. I have had a large canvas waiting for footprints of my 7 kids and maybe 5 grandkids so I can hang it in my office. The trouble I have had is the little feet getting dirty prior to paint application! I had no idea that St. Peter was the patron of foot problems! Something every Catholic Podiatrist should know!

  2. I just passed on your site to a Sr. Mary, who is asking for Catholic resources https://plus.google.com/u/0/102545538647100460888/posts

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