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With the current closures of Churches and cancellation of Masses, we are suddenly all feeling the very real impact of the Coronavirus. I began compiling this Homilies at Home Directory a few short months ago and I will be adding to it as quickly as the recommendations come in (see online form below!) so that we can all listen to homilies at home!

Sunday Homilies

These priests and parishes post virtually every Sunday or Solemnity homily online.

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(available online) recommendations here:

Online Form for Recommendations for Excellent Homilies Available Online

With your help, we hope to fill up this Directory of homilies, keynotes, videos and podcasts from your favorite priests who make them available online.

Watch for the growing collection

of homilies, keynotes, videos and podcasts here

Want to Watch Mass from Home?

Daily TV Mass

Daily TV Mass Broadcast Schedule

Daily TV Mass on YouTube

Catholic TV Mass

The Sunday Mass

Salt & Light Schedule

Livestream Mass at St Benedict’s Parish

EWTN Schedule includes Daily Mass and access to daily readings and homily

FREE Access to Magnificat Online

Say this prayer to make a Spiritual Communion

Resources for Kids Missing Mass:

Weekly Mass Resources for Kids (when attending Mass isn’t possible) from Catholic Icing

Catholic Gospel Coloring Worksheets for Sunday Mass from Catholic Mom

Catholic Kid’s Bulletin FREE Printable for March 2020

Sunday Gospel Resources from Resources for Catholic Educators (Clipart, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Children’s Stories, Crafts, Activities & Bible Study Tools)

Looking for Catholic Crafts at Home?

With most of us staying close to home these days, here are some links for some of our Catholic Craft Kits: Print at home and craft away! Each craft kit includes permission to copy for family use!


Color Me Catholic with phrases from the Mass in 10 different little booklets illustrated with the Vessels, Vestments and Church Furnishings you see in Church.





In case you’re following along with Mass on TV, here’s the Lace-up Missal and it comes in English or Spanish!




Catechism Crafts! If you want the kids to learn a little something while they’re having fun: Tower Tumble Craft Kit with your own Jenga game




Sacrament Prep canceled? We’ve got Sacrament kits for prep and memory scrapbooks in the Arma Dei Shoppe.






We’ve also got lots of Prayer-packed craft kits…including hands-on crafts to help pray the Rosary, Divine Mercy and the Stations of the Cross







There may even be a rush on kids’ Play Mass Sets and I’ve got a printable that makes it easy for you to make your own with purchased wooden pieces from my favorite wood supplier in the US.


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