Lent: Saints & Virtue: Week FIVE

March 22-28

Quick Bio: St. Teresa was born in 1910. She received first calling in 1928, and second calling in 1946 (a call within a call). She founded the order of The Missionaries of Charity in 1948. She received the message from God “I thirst”. St. Teresa spent her life serving the dying and the poor, taking to heart “whatsoever you did to the least of my brothers you did to me” Mt 25:25-40.

Virtue of Meekness: St Teresa modelled Meekness, the virtue which is a disposition of being quiet, gentle, obedient and humble. It is patience during suffering, willingness to follow the Gospel Teachings and serenity of spirit while focusing on the needs of others.

Learning from St. Teresa of Calcutta:

Meekness involves selfless love and gentleness.

Meekness is what patience looks like externally.

Meekness is both a BEATITUDE and a VIRTUE, stopping anger from turning into wrath. It makes us gentle in our reactions to others, and helps us to be patient in suffering, particularly when we feel disrespected, ridiculed or unjustly burdened.

Meekness and patience require humility, gratitude and docility.

Like Mary, we must seek to say yes to God; magnifying Him in our soul.

St. Teresa of Calcutta was a fierce advocate for those without a voice. She was determined to do God’s Will and wasn’t afraid to ask for help. She lived humbly, prayed and smiled often. She saw the Face of Jesus in all of the poor, sick and dying she came across, served and cared for.


Do we try to see the Face of Jesus in those around us?

Prayer Prompt:

Book Recommendations: St. Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light

Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography

This Intern with the Saints series for Lent is inspired by the book Magnify:



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