Communion of Saints Calendar Craft Kit

Communion of Saints Calendar

Communion of Saints Calendar Craft Kit

PDF Download: $15





This Communion of Saints {Perpetual} Family Calendar is available as a comprehensive PDF craft kit to print and it comes with permission to copy for use at home or in the classroom!

The Communion of Saints Calendar features the Kelly SaintsTM! Many of the Saints’ Feast Days are marked (and illustrated), along with Liturgical Season reminders and Monthly Devotions. There is also a full index of ALL the Feast Days of the Year included in this PDF download.

Saint Calendars

Full Color, 8.5″ x 11″ Calendar pages AND color-your-own Black and White templates are included along with recommendations for assembly.

  • Print and assemble ONCE
  • Add all of your important family dates: birthdays, Sacrament anniversaries, Patron Saint Feast Days, Memorials and family firsts!
  • Make copies for close relatives!
  • Enjoy the wall calendar…year after year!

Great SUMMER project…in prep for start of SCHOOL!

Saint Stickies

Pair with the Calendar Saint Stickies Craft Kit to receive templates of 461 Catholic stickers to transform ANY secular calendar, prayer journal or planner…or further embellish this one!

Communion of Saints Calendar



Calendar Saint Stickies Craft Kit

PDF Download: $15








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