The Play Mass Kit

I’ve been planning to make a Play Mass kit for a couple years now and just started collecting the pieces a few months ago.

Before he even knew I was making the Play Mass Kit, Adam just recently started playing Mass in the living room.


Assisted by his big sister Bridget, they processed in with his hand-drawn crucifix,


…he gave his own version of his favorite Gospel reading and then did his best with the liturgy with a plastic wine glass and a few other props he found around the house.

Call me for Confession Priest Car

He also enlisted Bridget to help him make his own Priest Car.

Clearly every priest needs a priest car with decals luring the faithful to confession.

Mass Kit

Well, I decided it was time to put together this really cool Play Mass kit! I’ve collected all these pieces…from my favorite wood company!

The Play Mass Craft Kit includes the itemized order form as a PDF to order your own pieces! It’s free for subscribers…see below!

You will purchase the materials directly from the wood company.  No, I’m not getting any commission =), I just really like what this company has available (including the peg dolls I’ve been using for years), along with their awesome customer service…and the fact that they do ship to Canada!

Play Mass Pieces

Clear Coat Mass Kit

I glued a couple pieces together, painted the hosts and the pall white and added a clear coat to everything. The pieces need at least 24 hours to dry so that they don’t stick to each other, once they’re stored.

Mass Kit set up

I chose to use the battery-powered tealights and the little cork-stopped bottles from the Dollar Store to make the kit a little extra fun.

I found the cross at a craft store, but if you have a small standing crucifix, that’s even better!

I raided the family linen closet and borrowed some awesome heirloom napkins for the special altar linens (Corporal and Purificator).

I even ironed tri-folds into them, to be more like the real thing.

Homemade Mass Kit Homemade Crucifix

So far, all the vessels fit in a nice wooden craft box!

Play Mass Kit

The candlesticks may be temporarily out of stock, but expected to arrive in a couple weeks.

Here’s a Picture Tutorial of all the components of the basic set, including the cruets and the tealights I purchased from the Dollar Store.

Play Mass Alternate Cruets

Here is the lavabo dish and the alternate cruets from the same wood company. These cruets have a hole in the bottom, so you might want to fill the holes if they’re going to be used with actual liquid.

Play Mass Add On

And here are my planned “Add-Ons”…although I haven’t completely worked them out and may add more materials as I find the pieces I’m looking for.

Adam Plays MassWe learned that our hand-me-down piano bench makes a great altar.

Adam Plays Mass 3

I wonder if he’s going to pay more attention at Mass this week?

**UPDATE** I think the Play Mass kit actually did help his behavior during the second half of Mass…the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Now we just have to work on his extreme lethargy under the pew  Church Illness  during the Liturgy of the Word.

So here is the Play Mass Kit and Order Form, if you’d like to make your own set just like we did! The Craft Kit includes special tips and an itemized order form at our favorite wood company!

This Craft Kit is $2, but subscribers get it for FREE!

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Play Mass Kit and Order Form (some assembly required, materials purchased separately from wood company)

($2 here…if you just can’t wait!)

Add to Cart

Here are some tutorials to make your own Play Mass Kit with other materials you might already have on hand!

I love this kit from Catholic Missionary Family…with the colored Mass linens reflecting the Liturgical Season!

Check this out! Craft a Mass Kit with Catholic Icing using easy-to-find supplies and spraypainting them gold!

Don’t want to make it yourself? Check out this beautiful Wood Mass Kit by Almond Rod Toys! I love the little wooden candles in this kit!

 Just in case you’d like the fabric version, this is the first Play Mass kit I ever saw…

My Mass Kit from Wee Believers*

(*Yes, this is an affiliate link!)


  1. Here we are almost ten years later- can you share your pieces list or the company name? The links are dead these days.

  2. I subscribed to your emails to get the supplies list, but I don’t see a link to follow in the emails I receive — am I missing something?

    Anyway, this is a wonderful idea! I am looking forward to making a set for my sons!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I subscribed to your site so that I could access the link for the pdf but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Am I missing something?

  4. Hi! did you figure out the monstrance yet? Hoping to hear your solutions to keeping it all together as the wheel is slightly larger than the napkin ring. Also I just put some tacky gooy stuff in the candlestick holder to keep the wheel in place but it isn’t solid. Thoughts?

    • Hello Deb,
      So sorry I’m just replying to your comment now…it’s been a busy Easter Weekend!
      I actually have not worked on the monstrance in a while. I’ve been planning on using a glue gun to adhere the napkin ring within the wheel, (and glue gun the wheel to the candlestick holder). My challenge will be to do it neatly! I have also considered adding coffee stir sticks (extra thin popsicle sticks) as spokes…(do you know what I mean?)
      (This would extend the ‘rays’ of the monstrance.) I could push them in (toward the center hole) a little to fit against the napkin ring. Again…I’m a fan of glue guns…I think glue guns will work better than tacky glue. I will post pictures as soon as I get to it!

  5. I remember “playing Mass” as a child! My mom would give us a piece of bread and her biscuit cutter so we could make “hosts”!!!

  6. So awesome Monica! I’m sure many blessings and fruit will come from your hard work and creative and beautiful Mass kit! 🙂

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