TY Doll converted to St Patrick

St Patrick TYA few years ago, inspired by my friend Lucia, we did a couple

doll makeovers of some on-clearance TY dolls!

TY dolls to saints

We even made a Jesus TY doll…and we have plans for him for an Easter activity coming up!

Jesus TY doll

We had a lot of fun turning this TY doll into St Patrick.

Even though I don’t think St Patrick was actually Irish, we think the red hair gives him the right look.

These are the before and after makeover pictures.

I gave the doll a significant haircut and transplanted some of the hair for the beard and moustache. This was a big relief to Bridget (who was only four at the time!).  She couldn’t understand how I could pretend that a girl doll could be St. Patrick.

I made a simple white alb or robe to cover the groovy clothes, long enough to hide the red sneakers.
I made a chasuble out of green felt and added the green plaid, because I couldn’t resist. I made a matching bishop’s mitre out of green felt and added the gold and green ribbon to the mitre and the alb sleeves. I found the shamrocks at the dollar store, both for the vestment and for his hand, to show how he used it to explain the Trinity.

The gold staff or crozier is made from a wire plate holder from the dollar store, but you could use a carefully cut clothes hanger or pipe cleaner or cut one out of cereal box cardboard (and paint it gold). The little cross is from the Michaels craft store, I think…unless I found it at a dollar store as well! I can’t remember…I bought them a long time ago!

The whole TY doll makeover is kind of a labor intensive craft, but I have been bringing him out for every St Patrick’s Day celebration…and for most of our Catholic conference displays. He’s popular!

Bridge and TY dollsBridget had a lot of fun with our Saint dolls…

They seem to be great climbers…

climbing TY dollsand apparently St Patrick can fly…
flying St Patrick

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