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Blessings Booklets

I’ve been thinking about some activities to put in place, in time for Lent this year.

Lent is 40 Days long (plus Sundays) and in addition to different sacrifices we can make this year, we would like to add something thoughtful and happy to our daily routine.

In A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, we suggested two different booklet/journal ideas.

blessing bookDaily Gifts to Jesus requires a booklet of 40 pages (per child). After talking about the day’s events, the child is asked to think of one special thing they did for Jesus that day. Let them write a sentence or two (or you can write it for them) and/or draw a picture explaining what they did. As the kids begin to anticipate this activity each day, they will make a more conscious effort to do a good deed to record in the little book.

The other Daily Journal Activity is intended to foster an attitude of gratitude: Count Our Blessings Book (or Box)

Again, a little notebook or 40 page booklet can be used for the child to write or draw something about their day, focusing on something they are grateful for. Alternatively, slips of paper can be used to record what they are thankful for and held in a little box. Perhaps the little sentiments will be read at Eastertime!

The prettier the book or box, the more effort they may choose to put into it!

The more effort they put into this daily journal…the more precious keepsake it will be of their Lenten journey.

Blessings_Box_LentGood Deeds may also be recorded and included in the book or box. Those carried out in secret may be revealed at Eastertime as special little gifts to one another.


  1. I have your book, and just saw this the other day. Of course, I never keep anything simple–and was trying to come up with some amazing little book. Then I realized that I don’t have to do that–and I don’t have to buy one, either. I say this not to discredit yours–but to tell other mamas to not go over the top. Your book lends so many options and is SOOOOO worth the money. I am so excited to use the ideas in there, including this one, for Lent this year.

    I am a mother of 7, two being disabled cognitively. We home school, and have so much luck finding something to carry on our faith through this book. A million hugs for your effort in putting this book together for us!

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