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blog blink 2013

Since we lost our all time hit count per post when we switched from Blogger to WordPress this year (install the Jetpack plugin if you’re switching to WordPress!), we have selected what we remember to be our 13 most popular blog posts of 2013.

Here they are (in no particular order, because I don’t have the stats to rank them =)

1.  Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kit I have designed a number of Saint-focused craft kits over the years…a little reluctantly without my own original Saint images. That all changed when my 15 year old daughter Kelly started drawing the saints in her awesome Kelly Comics style. We now have Saint Scripts ONE and Saint Scripts TWO and a NEW Communion of Saints Perpetual Calendar: perfect for the new calendar year of 2014, but can be filled in with special family dates (including Sacrament dates) and proudly displayed year after year!

2.  Tower Tumble    This is part of our Classic Games to Catholic Printable…and THIS one helps transform the classic tower-building game into a fun Catechism teaching tool!

3.  Felt Friends Tutorial    We have made this tutorial available for FREE and have used it for DIY pose-able Saint dolls including the Holy Family and Our Family Leprechaun… and now the 3 Kings!

4.  Revolving Rosary This is a nice little prayer-counter for saying the Rosary with little ones. It’s STILL FREE for a limited time!

5.  Guess Who? The Saints!  The Cardinals! The Popes With the resignation of Pope Benedict and the Conclave electing Pope Francis, we transformed our original Guess Who? The Saints FREE printable to include the 116 Cardinals and 24 awesome Popes! All THREE of these printables are FREE!

6.  Painted Saints We have now painted 23 little wooden saints and have created a gallery of projects and activities showcasing them and how we can use them and convert classic games to Catholic with them!

7.  Resources for Catholics This is a work in progress, compiling awesome resources for Catholics. Is YOUR favorite Catholic blog listed?

8.  What No Mom Wants to Hear This was my first guest post at CatholicMom and I think it shows you a little more about our family.

9.  Painted Saints Tutorial I finally made a step-by-step tutorial for painting wooden saints! We’ve had some great feedback from families and Church groups hosting Painted Saint Exchanges!

10.  Catholic Toddler Letters of Adam and Frankie This shows the correspondence between my little toddler Adam and Kendra’s Frankie (of Catholic All Year). These little rascals have a knack for pushing buttons, but they are good little guys learning their way in Catholic families.

11.  The Pinterest Prayerbook This is a fun little project, finally making the most of the awesome little prayers and beautiful artwork we pass around on Pinterest!

12.  Dotella Prayer Jar This is a fun little recycling-craft to encourage more prayer-sharing in families and Church groups.

13.  Pope Posts This is a series of posts written about our family’s connection to soon-to-be SAINT John Paul the Great!

Add YOUR Blog in a BLINK ‘2013!


  1. This was so fun Monica! THANK YOU!
    Happy New Year!

  2. If you would like to join the link-up and have the links displayed on your page…you can cut and paste the code from this post at the Catholic Bloggers Network:

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