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This is my SECOND time taking part in the

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I found that I really enjoyed taking part in it last week and was so happy to see people checking in from the link-up.

I also happen to be trying out the 7 Quick Takes on Friday, but I figure that if I time it right, subscribers will receive just one post with the TWO entries and they can decide which one they like. I’ll try not to be too repetitive…in case you really want to read both!


Bill and I spoke with 7 teachers about our 2 highschool kids at parent-teacher interviews yesterday and will see 2 teachers for our 2 elementary school kids tomorrow. I always get a little frazzled trying to visit all the teachers, sticking to the little 10-minute-appointments schedule while my husband greets and hugs every student, parent and teacher he recognizes because he just really is that friendly.


I released our NEW Reconciliation Prep Printable FREEBIE yesterday with prayers and official format and facts for First Reconciliation (a really a nice refresher for other kids too!). I tapped into some of our previous Kelly Comics illustrations  and even rediscovered another FREE Sacrament Printable that we offer…that I forgot about! You will find the OTHER  Sacrament Journey FREEBIE on this Scrapbook the Sacraments post. (Just scroll down to the bottom of the post!)

sacrament journey freebie



I’m on an official quest to draw closer to Mother Mary. I realized that although I think I know about Our Lady and I have many friends and family with strong devotion to her, I don’t naturally go to her to draw closer to her Son. I have thought of her as the ultimate model for motherhood which is true, but her perfect motherhood (you know, born without sin and all…and raising Jesus, the Son of God) … intimidates me. I found myself wondering how she must see me in my little impatient Mom shoes, getting tired of the continuous demands of our precious little humans and being not so gracious about it.  If it weren’t for her being so perfect, I would think she might be shaking her head, or sighing deeply…

But she’s OUR MOTHER! I’ve heard how much she loves us, that she is our Mother ever since Jesus assigned her to us with the Apostle John. I’ve heard from others with deep devotion of her unfailing love for us, gentleness, compassion and her desire to draw us ever closer to her Son.

So I’ve been reading 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration (I’m on Day 28!) with a little Under the Mantle: Marians Thoughts from a 21st Century Priest on the side…and had some spiritual direction with my favorite priest.  I’m going to keep trying to remember to pray for her help…and learn how to entrust myself completely to her so that she can bring me closer to Christ.


profile pic by Kerry

I finally managed to get a profile pic I like. My dear friend Kerry, did my hair, makeup and actually took the picture, so thanks, Kerry!



  1. Thank you for your number three. I keep hearing about that book everywhere! I’m in the middle of a different consecration but will try that one next. I love knowing that Mary is my friend, even though I don’t deserve it. She doesn’t put on heirs. She’s “one of us”.

  2. Excellent picture! And I am intrigued by your mention of spiritual direction. How does that work?

    • I met this priest when he was the chaplain at the university I attended. I kind of credit him for helping me take ownership of my Faith in my 20s…and it really steered my life! He answered any questions I came up with and was always available for prayer or confession. Years later, our family still kept in touch with him. When he mentioned that he was a spiritual director, I asked if he could be my spiritual director. That was in 2002! We talk about once every two months, even if it’s just over the phone. He helps me to try to stay focused in my prayer life and he’s still answering any questions I throw at him. I’m grateful!

  3. That sounds like a great Devotion.
    I love Our Mother. Without her, I’d have had no REAL mother and I’ve always been close to her. We are all so blessed.
    And I agree – that is a great picture of you.


  4. Loved all of these and especially #3. And that profile pic is ADORABLE!

  5. I understand being intimidated by the Blessed Mother, but think how intimidated she must have been by God’s trust in her to raise His Son? She still had free will. She had to obey, to willingly submit to God’s will, and not just at that moment of her Fiat, but before, leading up to, and continuing on all the way to the cross. Don’t be intimidated. The Blessed Mother has been given to us, to hold our hands in all things, to bring us to her Son, to hear when we feel as if our lives are out of wine.

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