7 Quick Takes at Equipping Catholic Families Nov 8/13

I have decided that rather than wondering if I need to stick to more of a schedule for posting at Equipping Catholic Families, I’m going to jump into a few of the well-known scheduled and linked posts, like Small Success Thursdays at CatholicMom.com and 7 Quick Takes Friday over at ConversionDiary.com and see which one I like best…and how much scheduled posting I can possibly manage week after week.

I apologize…that this week subscribers will receive the posts, the day AFTER the appropriate day…and it occurs to me that there may be some repetition, but here goes…

— 1 —

Ornament Exchange

This is really the Year of the Jesse Tree in my house. I am taking part in my FIRST EVER Jesse Tree Ornament Swap and I eagerly await my package of 30 hand-made ornaments from crafty friends across North America!

I was also generously blessed with Jesse Tree Treasures! They sent me a generous package of their Bible-based ornaments including the Jesse Tree set, like the one I’m offering in THIS GIVEAWAY happening NOW!

Jesse Tree Treasures Giveaway

They also sent me other ornament sets to be used during Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Ordinary Time. I will be reviewing these over the next couple months and you’ll want to see these!

— 2 —


While assembling some pieces from our new Saint Craft Kit for a photo shoot, I tried to clean up a few places in our office including our IKEA desk HACK, that matches our wall of cube shelves. OK, I know it could be a lot tidier…but if I wait for that day, I may just never get around to posting this.


We used 2 of the EXPEDIT 2×2 cube shelves plus one LACK side table for our desk assembly. The hardware used to harness the cube shelves to the wall, were used to secure the table top in place, between the 2 shelves. If you look closely, you will see the 4 table legs that we didn’t use. The wall of shelves is comprised of 1 (5×5) EXPEDIT unit with 1 (5×1) EXPEDIT unit, secured to the wall, but resting on the larger wall unit.

— 3 —

No pictures for this one…but my husband surprised me on Tuesday with reservations for a HOTEL stay for Wednesday, just for the two of us. He called my Mom and arranged babysitting for the 5 kids! My kids are 3-17, so in some ways it’s getting easier, but coordinating schedules is not! I had less than 24 hours to make sure dinner, homework, rides (et al) could be coordinated…and with just a little note on the counter, it looks like everything went off without a hitch!

It certainly doesn’t offend me to know that we received our stay at the hotel, using 5000 points (only!) and no cash…and instead, we spent the money on having dinner in an actual steak restaurant. I wore the high heels I never wear…good thing the restaurant was on the main floor of the hotel. =) Feeling rested and ready to tackle the rest of the week!

— 4 —

Just while I was busy putting the final edits on our new Saint Scripts Craft Kit, I received a review copy of Saint of the Day, edited by Leonard Foley, O.F.M. and revised by Pat McCloskey, O.F.M. Last week, I put together my “go-to” Saint books and how I use them, and I think that this one will be added to the pile! It’s a really nice book with bios, stats, comments and quotes and I look forward to reviewing it in depth soon!

— 5 —


HALLOWEEN 2013OK, I know I’m a little late for Halloween pics, but since this is my first 7 Quick Takes Friday, I’m hoping that you will cut me some slack. It’s also not the best picture, but if you have seen our previous Halloween pictures, you’d recognize the trend.

No, we don’t have an All Saints event at our parish or school…and I just can’t convince my kids to dress up as Saints, but I happily settle for tame and non-gory, non-evil, unscary costumes. We’ve got a hobbit, a vintage scarecrow, Peter Pan, a she-devil (but in a princess dress with cape!) and a monkey. Sometimes the monkey is a pregnant Mom monkey, when Adam insists on carrying a stuffed monkey inside his costume. Stuffed monkey not pictured here; that’s ‘Winnie and the Pooh’.

— 6 —


This is Joseph’s Hobbit Pipe that he hand-carved from a stick; we hot-glued the stick to a champagne cork and added a spiral of hot glue for texture down the pipe. Joseph meticulously stained and varnished the pipe and it was almost dry when he left with it.

— 7 —

St Juan

Last, but not least, you KNOW I have to mention the TWO NEW Saint Craft Kits we released on All Saints Day.

Saint Scripts ONE and TWO profile 21 Saints each with full color illustrations by my 15 year old daughter Kelly, brief biographies and easy-to-reference Saint Stats including Feast Day, life years and patronage. The kits include the full-color illustrated postcards for easy reference (and lots of different uses), along with black and white templates. The templates include a color-able version of the same picture and a format for the child to fill in the Saint Stats and relevant life details and/or quotes and prayers.

Each kit is available as a PDF download for $15, but if you buy them together, they are $25 for the TWO! You can purchase them at the Arma Dei Shoppe.

OK, so these Quick Takes…weren’t so QUICK, but did you like them?

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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