We choose life!

I have 5 children here in Canada…and 3 up in heaven: Raphael, Gabriel and Paul.

I feel the tug of the newborn who draws up little legs when picked up…and is calmed with a cuddle.

I see the goodness in my kids, I’m in awe of how they grow and learn.

I remember…the firsts: the smiles, the words, the steps and suddenly my baby is a little toddler, turning off my computer, climbing into the dishwasher, hiding shoes and pressing buttons on anything within reach.

I record…the goofy things kids say and do…the 3 year olds, the 5 year olds …and even the 8 year olds.

I watch as the same child toys with independence, while holding tightly to the toys of their childhood.

I watch as they develop with their own preferences, sense of humor and style and I marvel at the combinations of personalities that one family can foster.

We’ve had the flu, the colds, chicken pox, fevers, ear aches.
We’ve had the driving trips, the family dinners, the snowdays, the birthday parties.

We’ve had the skinned knees and the bumps and bruises and the booboo bunny.

We’ve had the hurt feelings, the tantrums, the battle of wills.

We’ve had the surprises, the disappointments, the victories, the challenges.

We’ve had happy moments when kids get along, even stick up for one another.
We’ve been affirmed in moments when our Faith seems to stick and they’ve started to appreciate what we hold dear.

We’ve had the teaching moments where bad circumstances led good discussions.
We’ve had learning moments where kids learn from parents and siblings …and parents learn from kids.

We’ve had the long-awaited pregnancies …and surprise pregnancies.

We’ve had the diet-controlled diabetes pregnancies and an insulin-ridden one.We’ve had some pretty normal deliveries and a terrifying one that still makes our hearts stop for a bit.

We’ve been greeted with congratulations upon news of pregnancy…and other less positive responses.
It doesn’t matter that my husband was one of 6 or that his Mom was one of 10…5 kids can be shocking and excessive, even to relatives, to people at Church and school and to strangers in the check-out line.
It can still be a little overwhelming to me.
Sometimes I still find myself faltering…defending our choice for natural family planning and following Church teaching.
There are struggles and their are joys,
and we choose life.

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  1. Beautiful! Apparently, 3 is the magic number that is “too many”. You can visibly see peoples reaction change when they find out this is my third child.

  2. It was great to read this! I have five children of my own, and too many people ask me why. To me the answer to “why not?” is more obvious.

  3. Love the pictorial pro-life witness!

  4. Your words are like poetry! It is such a joy to be a mother! God bless you and the family, Monica!

  5. Beautiful post, Monica! Thank you for sharing your family and love of life with us!

  6. Monica~
    Love it…your kids are unbelievably adorable…. Your words are beautiful:)

    Thank you for sharing! I love your button too!


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