my funny kid quotes: from calendar to Quotebook!

summerUp here in Canada…we are just finishing school and our summer is just getting started!
I hope to use a more relaxed schedule to highlight our family activities and traditions showcased in the Ordinary Time section of A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.
These posts will become part of the Family Fun section on this site and will also include our “At-Home” Birthday Parties posts (and printables) and other traditions and routines that are not specifically Catholic, but bring our family together in some way.
quotebook notebook
My Dad wrote down the funny things that my brother and I said when we were little…and I have done the same for my five kids.  I do have a little hardcover journal book for each kid, but I find it most convenient to write the funny quotes on my Mom’s Fridge Calendar…as they happen, because even though I think I’ll remember who said what and when, I have learned that the details get blurry. It’s amazing how their antics can blend together!
The fridge calendar is easy to access and it already captures our family events, milestones, trips, medical appointments and phone numbers…so I find calendars useful for reference, years to come!  Every once in a while, I transpose the little dated moments into cute little dollar store books: one for each child.  I have recorded first words, dates the teeth came in or out and monumental “firsts” including Sacraments.
Just ask me…(and I can look it up!)…which kid said “to da-vity and beyon’!” (quoting Buzz Lightyear), who challenged potty training “Mommy, your job is not my problem!” , who sang “ring around the rosary”,  who was my only kid to fall asleep on the toilet and who made the biggest mess… necessitating more than a couple impromptu baths in the sink.

Anyone want to share any favorite moments or quotes from their family? Share in the comments!

Build a Family Journal of Firsts & Family Events or create your own Kid Quotebooks!

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This is what soon-to-be-Saint John Paul the Great said about my book!


This is part of a new series of posts of Family Traditions for Extraordinary Ordinary Time…where we will revisit early blog posts about family activities and reveal other favorite family traditions and routines from A Treasure Chest!



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