Tiny Saints!

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I have already written my reviews of some of the awesome Catholic products I found at the National Catholic Education Association conference a few weeks ago, including the Catholic Children’s Bible and Brother Francis’ My Heavenly Friends prayer card collection, but I only briefly mentioned Tiny Saints as a cool Sacrament gift.


I’ve been waiting for this big day, when Tiny Saints is officially launching their unique Tiny Saints charms.

In the meantime, I have found ALL kinds of ways to use these cute little charms, providing a little reminder of the Saints…on the go!

tiny saints bracelet

Tiny Saints already come with a clasp and cord for a cool necklace, but they would be awesome to add to handmade braided or gimp bracelets.  These little companions could revolutionalize camp and friendship bracelets…adding our Faith-filled friends!


Tiny Saints instantly personalize purses, cameras and any phone or ipad cover ready for a zipper pull!

tiny saints pink purse pull

tiny saints girls clubTiny Saints would be awesome, sought-after awards or badges for Saint-themed challenges within kids’ clubs.  I borrowed my daughter’s Girl Scout sash, but I’m thinking about Little Flowers groups…like the ones Jessica at Shower of Roses hosts!



The Tiny Saints are so cute and will cultivate our love for the saints, reminding us to aspire to be saints too!

tiny saints wine glass charm


The Tiny Saints make awesome wine glass charms…and there is such a variety at Tiny Saints, that everyone will be able to choose their favorite! Who says All Saints Day Parties are just for kids?



tiny saints pencil case pull


Tiny Saints come with a cool little clasp, to easily hook onto any zipper

…on a jacket, knapsack, purse or pencil case…or even a Rosary!

tiny saints rosary




tiny saints monopoly




…and if you have been following Equipping Catholic Families for a while, you’ll know that I’m always looking for ways and excuses to convert classic games and activities to be Catholic!

I think the Tiny Saints will easily breathe new life into our Monopoly game!

How cute are these!?!

We have also added them to some of our own products…because everything is better with the Saints!

tiny saints reverence and awe tiny saints good deed beads

See how we Adam-proofed our Reverence & Awe Collector Card deck by linking the loose cards?

We’re still working on Adam’s behavior at Mass…see The Catholic Toddler Letters to learn more of Adam’s Escapades.

We also added a new reminder of St Therese to our Good Deed Beads Bracelet!

So check and see if you are subscribed to Equipping Catholic Families or that you “like” our facebook page, because we have more Tiny Saints posts coming! You’ll want to be among the first to know about an upcoming awesome craft project (featuring the Tiny Saints!) and a fabulous Tiny Saints Giveaway!











  1. How about a charm on a rainbow loom bracelet.

  2. mommasbacon says:

    Our Lady of Good Health and St. Michael

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