NEW! Lace-Up Roman Missal Printable Craft Kit!

We have just released a new
Cathletics Craft Kit!

This is our Lace Up Missal
for the new Roman Missal!

It’s a double-sided folded paper Church. Instructions for assembly include folding and hole-punching and a Quick Reference Lace-Up Guide shows the order of lacing, through the text of the Mass.
This is all designed to keep young kids attentive at Mass. 
A certain amount of reading or at least word recognition is recommended, so the suggested age would be 5+.
It may keep younger kids busy and quiet at Mass, even if they aren’t really following along with the text of the Mass.  
I’ll let you know if it works for my 2 year old.
The kit includes templates in black and white, so that your child can color the Church and its’ contents before Mass.  The kit also includes a full-color version, where no coloring is required.
The kit ALSO includes both B&W and color templates for the Lace-Up Missal in Spanish.
A combination of different hole-punches can be used, but the craft can be completely assembled with the use of a quality hand-held hole-punch and a pair of scissorsShoelaces or other cord are required for the lacing activity.  It is helpful if the cord does not fray at the ends; a simple knot at each end of a cord will work.
As with all of our Cathletics Craft Kits, permission is included to photocopy for a whole classroom of kids or for all the kids who live in your house.

Check out the new 
Lace Up Roman Missal
Cathletics Craft Kit 
at our Arma Dei Shoppe!


  1. Rebecca Balascio says:

    God bless,

    I will be teaching a special education class again this September for our church. I will be focusing on first commune. My forces for now are children under age 10 with Autism.
    Can you help!

  2. How cute! I’d love to review this if no one else has taken it!

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