Monthly Devotions: February is the month of the HOLY FAMILY

Isn’t it interesting that although Christmas is over and we are approaching Lent, the Monthly Devotion for February is the Holy Family

Just when we put our nativities away, we have an excuse to reflect again on the Holy Family as a model for our own family life.  We remember life with a small baby, a toddler, a child, a tween, a teen and a young adult.

Our cute little HOLY FAMILY FELT FRIENDS are fun to make and fun to play with.  With a little practice, you can make FELT FRIENDS of all your HOLY HEROES…all the SAINTS!

Sketch simple figures on paper.  Cut and trace the pattern onto white or peach-coloured felt and cut 2 identical figures out.  Sew 2 identical figure-shaped pieces of felt together, over a pipe-cleaner skeleton. 

A little piece of a cotton ball will add to the shape of the head.  No need to sew inside-out to hide the seams…a simple overcast stitch adds to the appeal of the homemade figures!

Personalize the figures by adding embroidery thread hair and facial features.  Use “googly eyes” (found in a craft store) or stitch or draw the eyes with a marker or fabric paint.  Alternatively, eyes can be made with small cut pieces of felt, buttons, beads, or sequins. 
Experiment for the look you desire.
Create modest garments out of different colours of felt, measured to fit the felt people.

The pipe cleaners make them pose-able…great for story-telling or play-acting. 
You could even make your own movie with the figures, as you imagine the early day-to-day life of Jesus.  Take lots of quick video shots as you subtly change the poses of the figures.  Add your own narration!



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