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Converted 2 Catholic: Links of LightBulbs (10) + Linky

(1) Create an ornament for key Saints days…over the months of the year and then display them on the Christmas tree…Sanctus Simplicitus used paper mache’ ornaments and mod podge with Saint images found on the internet.
Check out the Sanctus Simplicitus Saint Ornaments

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Miniature Memory Game: Converted to Catholic!

I saw this cute Miniature Memory Game and thought I’d like to ‘convert it to Catholic’!
I found my 3/4″ circle punch and started cutting out the images.  I figured I could use duplicate holy cards (not that I really want to cut into them, but you can get such beautiful saint images!), or duplicate Christmas cards for the images.
I happen to have the added advantage of having lots of Cathletics Playing Cards and Reverence and Awe Collector Cards.  The Reverence and Awe Collector Cards have colorful illustrations of Vessels and Vestments and Sacramentals which are great for these miniatures.  Depending on how they are cropped, they could be a little abstract…but very interesting.  I just have to make sure to crop them in the same place, so that the 2 images are identical.

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Equipping Catholic Families …with Traditions for Ordinary Time!

Sometimes we feel a little down when the official Christmas season is over. It’s hard to jump enthusiastically into Ordinary Time, because it sounds so, well, ordinary! But Catholic living can add so much richness to our every day life and celebrating our Faith and family culture can be an active pursuit all year long! Here are ten ideas to foster your own family culture…while integrating the richness of our Catholic Faith with Saints, Sacraments, Scripture, Catechism and Prayer! All of our Cathletics Craft Kits come with permission to copy for family use and they’re packed with Catechism, Saints, Sacraments and Prayer to get you started, but we’ve included other helpful links too!

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Equipping Catholic Families for All Saints!

Equipping Catholic Families…for All Saints!

Equipping Catholic Families …for October Saints!


NEW FEATURE: Equipping Catholic Families for October!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

Key Feast Days in October:

Monthly Devotion for October: The Holy Rosary

Book Reviews:

Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Ordinary Time

Countdown to All Saints Feast Day (November 1)

DIY Saints Votive Candles

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Feast Day Fun: St Monica, Patron Saint of Moms!

{August27} Feast Day Fun: St Monica!

St Monica is remembered as having a stressful life, between her ill-tempered husband and rebellious son! Through persistent prayer, sacrifice, patience and gentleness, St Monica’s husband converted before he died. Her rebellious son Augustine was also converted and became a bishop and saint and is recognized as a Doctor of the Church. With patience, gentleness and persistence, St Monica reminds us to pray for others, even when they are difficult to get along with …and resistant to changing their ways! She offers us hope in our prayer for those who stray from Jesus.

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The Catholic Prayer Bullet Journal!

I’m so excited about this new project! I started my own Bullet Journal a few months ago and I love how it works. I have brainstorming lists for projects and posts, a running log, a confession/spiritual direction log and lots of pages for tracking habits, gratitude, goals, prayer intentions, scripture to memorize, house projects, social media stats…and so much more!

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What’s in Your Easter Basket?

We’ve got ideas and deals for your Easter Basket this year!

Super Saints include 54 unique Kelly Saints images along with quick and quantifiable facts for easy quizzing! Your family can play real card games with this deck…and learn a ton about your favorite Holy Heroes! See Super Saints Showdown (Top TrumpsTM)  and Super Saints Stats (Flashcards)  and HedbanzTM. Get a second set and play Go Fish!, Old Maid, Memory/Matching, or Sorting games!

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Catholic Craft Kits packed with Saints, Seasons, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer!

Purchase $39 in Cathletics Craft Kits (PDFs) and get $10 OFF when you use the code


until January 14th only!

Checkout our Cathletics Craft Kits, packed with Saints, (Catholic) Seasons, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer! Click on a Craft Kit to read more about it in its Featured Post!

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