Review: A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

by Welcome to Our Wonderland
This book is a true treasure for Catholic Families. The activities are simple and easy to do but you gain so much from them. …
a wonderful book full of great faith enriching activities to use in our home.
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I think the whole concept of this journal is pretty cool.  First off, it’s actually two journals in one.  The first journal is Hand in hand with Jesus which covers catechesis on the seven Sacraments and teaching of the Catholic faith.  There are also places where you or your child can record when they celebrate a sacrament.  The second journal is called Heart to heart with Jesus and it is filled with questions that will serve to get your child thinking and reflecting on his or her relationship with Jesus. 
I think this journal is a wonderful way to help your child grow closer to Jesus and gain a deeper appreciation for our Catholic faith.  Because your child can fill in this journal with his or her unique answers to all of the questions, he or she will certainly come to treasure this special journal.
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Hand in hand with Jesus

reviewed by Michelle Grunkemeyer for Catholic Homeschool Support

I was surprised initially at the depth and scope of information that can be recorded.
…What they end up with is a deep remembrance of their lives as well as a prompts to examine more deeply their walk in faith.

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from  the Catholic Writers Guild at Catholic Marketing Network…More Meredith Gould
…on Arma Dei products…
Does anyone not know how fiercely I advocate high quality in content and design and print production, especially for self-published materials? After seeing way too much junk in the world of print-on-demand and self-publishing, I am fierce to the point of rude about the need for quality control.

Monica’s materials? Impeccable on all levels….Arma Dei materials are great for parish-based as well as home-based catechisis, also gifts — think RCIA, for example. She says these products are primarily for kids and, gee, I guess so. Many if not all of these items would work for adult faith formation as well. 
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…on Arma Dei products, particularly A Treasure Chest and Cathletics Craft Kits
by Gilles Côté of Catholic Faith Education…
I am always in awe when I see the talent, ingenuity, and hours of work dedicated catechists, whether they be professional teachers or stay-at-home parents, expend on preparing resources to help nurture the faith of their children.

…I am impressed by the quality of what they have produced and now publish and sell. The materials are not only beautifully presented and illustrated, but sturdy and meant to survive handling by children. They are also very practical for parents and teachers looking for concrete ideas to use in specific situations.
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Thanks to Karen in Mommyland for this review of our Cathletics Key Cards:  the self-quizzing Catechsim card with the rotating ‘key’ that covers the answers.  She highlights the Vessels&Vestments, Rules to Live By and Reconciliation cards and how they have been helpful for her daughter.
Please check out Karen’s awesome review here.

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