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Advent Books: The Season of the Nativity

The Season of the Nativity by Sybil MacBeth has just been released by Paraclete Press (publisher for Dragon Slayers, another favorite book of ours here at Equipping Catholic Families).

While the book is not specifically Catholic, the self-confessed Advent, Christmas and Epiphany Extremist (author) does an incredible job of mapping out thoughtful and spiritual practices to keep the meaning in Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. The author was introduced to Advent and the Liturgical Calendar from the Episcopalian perspective…and she seems to have retained a love for  the Liturgical Calendar and the rich traditions that unfold throughout the seasons and are modeled by the Saints.

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Advent Books: A Eucharistic Christmas

A Eucharistic Christmas: Advent Meditations on the Presence of Christ is a beautiful book of reflections beginning December 1 and spanning to January 6, focusing on the True Presence of Jesus. Each day brings a thoughtful reflection written by a well-known Catholic author, a crisp and clear thought for reflection or challenge and a beautiful, personal prayer to Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament.

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Advent Books: The Advent of Christ

The Advent of Christ  Scriptural Reflections to Prepare for Christmas is a beautiful book of reflections by Dr. Edward Sri, perfect to help us prepare for Christmas throughout the season of Advent. Each day contains a short Scriptural reading, a meditation helping us delve deeper into the Christmas story, a question for reflection and a simple but profound prayer to help us keep the focus.

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Advent Books: Let Us Adore Him

With our rich Catholic Liturgical Calendar with our Scriptural readings and Gospel and Communion Antiphons assigned for every Mass throughout the world each day, we have plenty to draw from for prayer and meditation throughout all the Seasons…including Advent!

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The Last Week of Advent…via Jesse Tree ornaments!

This is the LAST week of Advent via the Jesse Tree Ornaments, from the Jesse Tree Ornament Swap organized by Michelle at Liturgical Time.

With December 1st being a Sunday this year, this is the shortest season of Advent possible. We actually have a couple extra ornaments to accommodate other years, when Advent includes more days! For no purposes other than to show them off, here are the remaining 7 ornaments!

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Special Advent Addendum for your Family Prayer Bank!

We have just released our special Advent Addendum for use with our popular All Season Prayer Bank!

You can tuck these 24 Advent prayer cards and prayer card templates in your All Season Prayer Bank, buy the All Season Prayer Bank

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Fun Friday before Advent Sale!

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Project Portal: Advent & Christmas!


In my attempt to reorganize (and de-clutter!) the Equipping Catholic Families blog, I am creating side-bar Project Portal buttons that will lead to multiple photo galleries of Equipping Catholic Families projects, organized by particular Season or Catholic Family focus…like Saints and Converted 2 Catholic games and activities!  Thanks for your patience and thanks for checking out our past projects! read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Equipping Catholic Families for DECEMBER and ADVENT!

See my index of I Spy…the Saints! for the months of July, August, September, October and November.  They are even offered as a special  Saints Page Printable for month by month binder dividers!

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Inventive Advent Calendar

Only TWO weeks until Advent begins! Are you ready?Last Advent, I wanted to make my own custom Advent Calendar. The problem was that I decided to recycle yogurt containers to create the little pockets inside the box….but it took me well into Advent to collect the 20 that I wanted to use! I never ended up posting my final Advent Calendar…and this will be the first Advent that we use it!It ended up being kind of an ambitious project…and took me back to Architecture school, with my Xacto knife and cardboard model making. I decided to add some variety (and to save space and yogurt containers!), I would make some of the compartments drawers instead of doors, using dollar store matchboxes for my hardware.

A paper chain link from the Advent & Lent Quest Cathletics Craft Kit!

can fit in one of these little drawers, or you could add your own Advent messages or challenges.I added the shelves as added structure for the box.  I cut the doors and drawer holes carefully with my craft knife.  The matchboxes friction-fit into the holes, but are reinforced with glue around the seam, on the inside of the cardboard box. The yogurt containers were easily glue-gunned in place and make nice clean plastic pockets.

I decorated the door panels with Catholic Artworks Advent Clipart (they’ve got a sale on right now!) tying the Jesse Tree into our Advent Calendar.  See other Homemade Advent Calendars from the Equipping Catholic Families post from last year!

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