May Saints, Devotions, Crafts and Family Traditions

Join us to celebrate May Saints, the Monthly Devotion dedicated to Our Blessed Mother Mary and the continued joyful season of Easter! Do you see something you like? Click on the pictures and/or links for easy crafts and already-formatted Catholic Craft Kits that come with permission to copy for home use, year after year!

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Last Minute Resources for Holy Week: Traditions, Crafts and Videos

Today is Spy Wednesday!

30 Coins Hidden

Tenebrae means “shadow” or “darkness.” The Liturgy of the Hours is chanted and with the completion of each reading, a candle is extinguished until the church is pitch black.

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Crafts for April Saints and the Easter Season!

With Easter Sunday on March 31st, here’s a summary of crafts and traditions for the Saints Days and Feast Days of April and the 50 days of Easter! That’s right! The season of Easter will extend until the Solemnity of Pentecost on May 19th!

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Holy Mysteries! {Book Review}

What a cool book!

Holy Mysteries! by Sophie de Mullenheim explores 12 mysteries within the Catholic Church, including miraculous healings at Lourdes, the Eucharistic miracle at Lanciano, the stigmata experienced by St Padre Pio and incorrupt Saints whose bodies have remained intact well beyond the grave.

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We Have a Pope {Book Review}

We Have a Pope

We Have a Pope, written by Katherine Bogner and illustrated by Kortnee Senn is an exquisite children’s book explaining how each pope is prayerfully elected, beginning with St. Peter, chosen by Jesus Himself!

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March Saints Days in LENT

Equipping Catholic Families for March Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the Liturgical Season of LENT!

The Monthly Devotion for March is St Joseph!

Book Recommendations

These books are SO GOOD!

Consecration to St. Joseph by Fr. Donald Calloway

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Last Minute LENT Print-and-Pray Craft Kits

Have you thought of what you’d like to do for Lent this year?

Giving up something, adding a prayerful devotion, donating money or time for the needs of the poor?

Here are a couple links to print-and-pray craft kits that are EASY to adopt for a prayerFULL LENT, even if it’s totally LAST MINUTE!

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Launch: {Project: Prompt Me to Pray} New Craft Kit

Here is the proper launch for my NEWEST Craft Kit PDF!

I’m just trying to make it EASIER for all of us to pray unceasingly, from the heart.
My book talks about how we can customize our prompts to pray to fit our unique circumstances, daily routine, habits, and quirks, and now I’ve created a craft kit that can help you implement these habit-forming prayer prompts in your life!

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Project: Prompt Me to Pray! >NEW< Craft Kit

Project: Prompt Me to Pray
Project: Prompt Me to Pray MORE
Project: Prompt Me to Pray MORE from the HEART

I’ve just finished creating this NEW Prayer-packed Craft Kit available as a PDF!

The Project: Prompt Me to Pray is a practical set of 24 (plus 6 formatted and customizable) Prayer Prompt Cards to be strategically placed around your home, work, car, and school to help us all pray without ceasing (Thessalonians 5:17) from the heart.

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7 Days ’til LENT and a plan for Valentine’s Eve!

Just a week away from Lent, and you’ve probably heard the dilemma…
Ash Wednesday falls on the SAME day as Saint Valentine’s Day.

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday is always the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. There is a tradition of going to confession on this day, in preparation for Lent. This particular Tuesday is tied with the celebration of Mardi Gras, representing the last day of feasting and fun before Lent. Practically, it was a good time to finish up all the food that would be forbidden during Lent.

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