What No Mom Wants To Hear

I remember the first couple weeks with my first baby. We lived in a one bedroom apartment and when our baby girl was one week old, one of our favorite priests Fr Scott McCaig came to stay with us for the weekend. All of us were a little naive about what those first nights would be like with our one week old baby. Challenged by breast feeding, just a little sleep-deprived and a wee bit hormonal, the words from our newbie-priest-of-one-year guest have stayed with me for sixteen years: “staying with you has really confirmed my vocation to the priesthood”

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Saints Scripts Rolodex

 I thought I’d go a little retro with my use of the NEW Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kits.  You see, the 21 postcards in each of the TWO kits available can be a pretty helpful reference tool with the name, a brief biography, an awesome full color Kelly Comics  illustration and all the basic Saint Stats including years of life, Feast Day, vocation and patronage.

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Small Success Thursday 2.0

This is my SECOND time taking part in the

Small Success Thursdays at CatholicMom.com

I found that I really enjoyed taking part in it last week and was so happy to see people checking in from the link-up.

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First Reconciliation Prep: Peek Sheets Printable!

When you really stop to think about it…our Sacrament of Reconciliation is incredible!! Where else can we hand over our burdens and struggles and receive complete ABSOLUTION; the very MERCY of JESUS poured over our bruised and battered little souls.   We celebrate Baptism with a beautiful flowy baby dress, a beautiful anointing and prayers at the Church …and by Holy Communion, those little babies are all dressed up in their suits and white dresses and veils, with no shortage of photo ops, gifts and cake. Both of these Sacraments are MONUMENTAL, but sometimes a quiet little evening of First Reconciliation, where kids line up for their one-to-one talk with the priest… gets a little overlooked.

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Winner of Jesse Tree Treasures!

Congratulations to Sarah O! She won the Heirloom Jesse Tree ornament set from Jesse Tree Treasures!

(Sarah, check your inbox for our Congratulatory email… we need you to respond to our email with some information so that we can get this beautiful Jesse Tree set to you in time for Advent!)

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7 Quick Takes at Equipping Catholic Families Nov 8/13

I have decided that rather than wondering if I need to stick to more of a schedule for posting at Equipping Catholic Families, I’m going to jump into a few of the well-known scheduled and linked posts, like Small Success Thursdays at CatholicMom.com and 7 Quick Takes Friday over at ConversionDiary.com and see which one I like best…and how much scheduled posting I can possibly manage week after week.

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Small Success Thursday 1

I think there is a lot of wisdom to this resurrected feature at CatholicMom.com called

Small Success Thursdays at CatholicMom.com

and I’m going to try and take part in this…regularly!

I think Lisa Hendey was talking to me:

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October Saints and St Therese!

October begins tomorrow…and hosts the Feast Days of some of our FAVORITE Saints!

Tomorrow is the Feast Day of  St  Thérèse.

Want to make a It’s My Feast Day Party Plate?

We love St  Thérèse, her example of living The Little Way, the roses she sends as a sign of her intercession and all the teachings in this best-book-ever  I Believe in Love.

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We choose life!

I have 5 children here in Canada…and 3 up in heaven: Raphael, Gabriel and Paul.

I feel the tug of the newborn who draws up little legs when picked up…and is calmed with a cuddle.

I see the goodness in my kids, I’m in awe of how they grow and learn.

I remember…the firsts: the smiles, the words, the steps and suddenly my baby is a little toddler, turning off my computer, climbing into the dishwasher, hiding shoes and pressing buttons on anything within reach.

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Happy Birthday Mother Mary

Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

Check out some Mary Crafts!

Do some reading! Here’s our review of An Alphabet of Mary!

Here’s a challenge:

Can you make a fantastic dinner feast with only white ingredients, to represent the sinlessness of Mary?

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