Equipping Catholic Families with a NEW Hands-On Prayer-packed Craft Kit for LENT!

So, even though I have 50 Cathletics Craft Kits in my Arma Dei Shoppe, it’s hard to believe that I don’t actually have one craft kit dedicated to LENT!  Well, that is, until NOW!

Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers

This craft kit focuses mainly on the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and offers more inventive ways to get kids hands-on praying! Prayers are counted as beads are colored or laced up with a shoelace! Our Super Saints illustrations are kid-friendly and enticing and help to focus our prayers just a little bit more! Plus, they’re just fun to look at!

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Equipping Catholic Families…to live liturgically all year long!

Book Review: The Catholic All Year Compendium by Kendra Tierney

With Lent beginning in just a little over two weeks, this is an excellent time to order your copy of The Catholic All Year Compendium* if you haven’t purchased it already!

Catholic All Year Compendium  is available at Ignatius Press or Amazon*.

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5 Cool Catholic Crafts and Family Traditions for Holy Week

Holy Week is here!

1. Sorrowful Mysteries DIY Votive Candles

We recycled our burnt-down votive candles and replaced the holy images with the Sorrowful Mysteries from the Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit. The images in the craft kit are already in color and are easily adhered to the jars!

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Equipping Catholic Families…for Holy Week!

Holy Week is upon us!

Sometimes as we reach the Home Stretch of Lent: Holy Week!, we realize that we need to renew our focus of our Lenten Resolutions and reflect more intently on the Passion of Christ. These Passion Play and Stations of the Cross crafts can help to express and reflect on the events of this very important week, beginning with the Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the triumphant Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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Sorrowful Mysteries: DIY Lenten Votive Candles

A few months ago, I gathered all of our exhausted-but-blessed votive candles and recycled them with Super Saints templates from our Catholic Craft Kit Kelly Saints Blessing Cards

…you can see them here: Recycled Votive Candles.

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Equipping Catholic Families for…March Saints

Equipping Catholic Families for March Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

The Monthly Devotion for March is St Joseph!

Key Feast Days in March:

  • St Katherine Drexel (March 3)
  • St Casmir (March 4)
  • St Perpetua and St Felicity (March 7)
  • St John of God (March 8)
  • St Frances of Rome, St Dominic Savio, St Catherine of Bologna (March 9)

Super Saints on a Ring are awesome Catholic gifts for your Easter Basket!

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Lent-um Momentum

Tomorrow is the second Sunday of Lent! How are you doing on your Lent Resolutions? Do you need a little help to get back on track? Do you need a little Lentum Momentum?

You’re not alone!

We’ve got craft kits you can purchase and download and print right away to kick-start your prayertime and renew your enthusiasm for prayer journaling…and to get kids reflecting on the Stations of the Cross through fun crafts!

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Catholic Brain: Review of an Awesome Resource for Kids

It’s not too late! Sign up for a FREE Lent Program at Catholic Brain and discover a ton of resources for Catholic kids, all year long!

I was blown away by the comprehensive set of references, lessons, games, printables and videos at Catholic Brain.

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Custom Lenten Prayer Journal with Stamps and Printables

If you purchased the Catholic Mom Bundle last November, you received this Prayer Journal Prompts Special Bundle. It’s a carefully crafted collection of prayer prompts, classic prayers, 9-in1-Novena prayers and Saint Stamp image templates…ready for printing to customize any dollarstore notebook into a unique and powerful personal Prayer Journal!

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Equipping Catholic Families…for Lent 2018!

Lent 2018 starts NEXT WEEK!

Are YOU celebrating Valentine’s Day on Pancake Tuesday…because Ash Wednesday is February 14th?

Keep the SAINT in St. Valentine’s Day with our Love Like a Saint Love Quote Cards!

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