Divine Mercy Novena

Are you ready to start the Divine Mercy Novena this Good Friday?

For email reminders to say your Divine Mercy prayers throughout the 9-day Novena, click Divine Mercy Novena at Pray More Novenas

Want a packed Cathletics Craft Kit that includes prayer petal flower templates, coloring pages and clipart for BOTH the Rosary AND the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

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Little Printable Peg Dolls: Easter Set

We’ve got a new set of little Wooden Painted Saints! Lacy released her Printable Resurrection Set this week and once again, I converted them to the smaller 1.75″ peg doll size and made 2 sets.

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Egg Carton Saints Passion Play

Last year, I made a couple figures out of Egg Cartons…including a couple knights as our company mascot Arma Dei  (Armor of God)

 I made Mother Mary…and a Pope Francis as well!

It occurred to me that the little knights could stand in as Roman soldiers…and the beginning plans of a new Egg Carton Character Passion Play begins to take hold…

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Painted Saints Passion Play 2015

These little Wooden Painted Saints have been getting a lot of attention!

We recently made TWO different Churches with our new Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit

…one with a wooden barn from Michaels and the other from a family sized Goldfish Cracker box: Cracker Box Cathedral!

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Ascension Craft Fail

If you follow Equipping Catholic Families, you will have noticed that I’m a little overwhelmed right now with end of school year events and celebrations.

That’s right…up here in Canada, school ends June 26th, so our kids are still trudging off to school, completing a bunch of projects the teachers have lumped together at the end…and preparing for Emily’s big exodus from high school. From 50th birthday party to First Communion, stacking cups competition and awards nights, Music Concert, Arts Night and Dance Recital, keeping tabs on independent study projects (see Joe’s Handmade Wooden Weapons), university acceptance…THEN prom this Friday, Joe’s track meet, a 90th birthday party, IHM National Conference prep and travel… and THEN on to exams and graduation.

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10th Day of Easter!

Are you still celebrating? It has been a busy week and a half, but I had big hopes for celebrating ALL 50 days of Easter this year!

…only 40 days left!

50 Days of Easter Idea #1 Did you see our DIY Catholic Easter Eggs…packed with treats to be opened each day of this Season of Easter?

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Cat Grass Easter Garden Craft

I have never owned a cat and I really can’t say for sure what pet owners would use the Jiffy Cat Grass Kit for, but in the depths of Lent while we were still getting inches of snow, this was the best soil and seed pack I could find for the Easter Garden craft I’ve always wanted to make!

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Jesus is Risen! (Egg Carton Jesus)

Indeed, He is risen!

I have been looking for ways to encourage sustained celebration for the full 50 days of Easter! You may have seen my 50 DIY Kinder Surprise Eggs.

Although I have made a couple Jesus crafts like our Wooden Painted Saint series and our TY Doll Makeovers, I decided that I needed an Egg Carton Jesus to round out my growing collection of Egg Carton Saints!  

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DIY Catholic Kinder Surprise

…for the 50 Days of Easter!

We’re about HALF WAY through LENT! How are your Lenten resolutions and programs going? Are you doing any of the 40 Ways for 40 Days?

Some of our resolutions and Lenten practices have been difficult to sustain and I am reminded once again for the need to recommit and refocus…each of these 40 days of Lent!  Looking ahead to Easter…I remember that

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Painted Saint Passion Play

There is a reason I have been painting little wooden saints…and why Adam has had ample opportunity to put painted saints in the dungeon.

You see, I decided to set the stage for a Passion Play and I decided to fit all of Jesus’ Public Ministry on earth …into an egg carton.

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