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We now have Guess Who? The Saints! Guess Who? The 116 Cardinals!  and Guess Who? The Popes!

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10 Ways to Use the Guess Who? The 116 Cardinals! kit

So after releasing the initial Guess Who?! The Cardinals FREE printable, I decided to expand the kit to not only reflect the 24 Cardinals most talked about in the media… but all 116 Cardinals eligible to vote in the Conclave. I incorporated their names and flags with my hand-picked, google-searched photos of them to create 5 templates for the Guess Who?! game.  
See the NEW Guess Who? The 116 Cardinals kit! kit BELOW! 
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Plunk! with the Saints!

10 Things to DO with our Plunk! with the Saints template:

Use a 1.5″ hole punch to cut the 30 Saint disks and glue to poker chips to:

=&0=& Use with your homemade =&1=& board (instructions included below!) =&2=& Use as checkers or as other board game pieces =&3=&Play=&4=& by sliding them on a smooth surface towards the Saint categories/questions (also included in this template) =&5=&Leave them face down and let everyone choose their new patron saint to research or ask for intercession =&6=&  Make 2 sets, coloring each pair of saints identically and use as a matching game =&7=&Attach magnets to the bottom of the poker chips and use them as markers on the fridge calendar. =&8=& =&9=&Match up with your favorite Saint pictures (on Holy Cards) and display in a =&10=&or=&11=& =&12=&Glue to chocolate coins for an =&13=& =&14=& Use as part of a relay/obstacle game at an =&13=&: each child grabs one Saint disk and must blurt out a fact about the Saint =&16=& Color each disk and glue to the inside of a baby food jar lid to hang on a =&17=& =&18=& Plunk! with the Saints! =&20=&=&21=&=&22=& Does anyone remember Plinko? It was on The Price is Right…which began in 1956, was revamped in 1972, hosted by Bob Barker and since 2007, is now hosted by Drew Carey. =&23=&=&24=& was a cool game where these little disks are dropped at the top of a steep platform with little pegs.  Depending on which path the disk zigzags down, money was won by which exit route the disk took. It looked like this: Look at that pink carpet! I’ve had my eye on the little Happy Saints for a while and after my Happy Saints Tokens Tutorial, (adding these awesome Saint images to poker chips) I present…Plunk! with the Saints!  See the PDF downloadable below for the back template with all the Saints’ info! These little poker chips, now decorated with 1.5″ circle punched Happy Saints, printed on full sheet label paper, slide easily on my picture frame. Incidentally, I have used this same picture frame for my DIY Light Table! This picture frame has plastic, instead of glass and is easy to work with.  I had thought about using a peg board and dowels, but then I thought of these little double suction cups, and it was a lot less work, flexible (to position the little obstacles properly) and can easily be taken apart to use the picture frame for other purposes.

So here’s the tutorial for my
Happy Saints Tokens

I borrowed a handful of these double suction cups from the “Suction Cup Critters” Klutz Craft Kit belonging to one of my kids, but realized that I needed many more for my Plunk! game. I went looking for these little double suction cups, but they are difficult to find! I finally decided to buy this suction hook at the dollarstore where I found the poker chips. (It’s our own Canadian “Dollarama” store…not everything is a dollar, but we still find neat stuff there!) The “As Seen on TV Suction Hook” has 36 little double suction cups, all attached to a clear plastic base, for attaching something to the kitchen or bathroom tiled wall.  Careful cutting would allow the double suction cups to stay intact. I decided I could cut these apart carefully. I figured that even if my cutting isn’t perfect…it would add a little ‘random’ factor to the way that the disks bounce off the suction cups. I think you could use simple single 1/2″ suction cups found at the dollar store…I just figured the double cups would help guide the little disks …and they work well! Once I had the 36 double suction cups cut apart from each other, I carefully lined them up on the clear plastic surface of the picture frame. I staggered the rows, placing the suction cups at equal distances, so that a single poker chip would bump into the suction cups and slide, zig-zagging down the slanted surface. I put a few little graphics together for my PLUNK! PRINTABLE and I added cut colored paper to the sides to try and make it look like the original Plinko game, even though my kids didn’t really know the original Plinko! I thought that it would be fun if the exit paths for the Saint tokens reflected either questions or categories about Saints.  If you know the Feast Day of a particular Saint, you will want to aim for that particular exit path.  When you correctly identify the Feast Day (Birth/Death years or patronage…), you get to keep the Saint Token. I created a variety of different categories, depending on how well you know the Saints and what level of information you’d like to focus on.  If you’re using the categories: “priest, nun or monk” and “doctor, mystic, stigmata” you’ll find that some Saints could easily fit in more than one category (like St Therese!). This adds a little more flexibility to aim for a satisfying exit path for the Saint Token.  read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Guess Who?! The Cardinals!

Just Released!
Guess Who?! Cardinals Edition!


This Cathletics Craft Kit is designed to help us familiarize ourselves with the Cardinals who may be mentioned throughout the coverage of the Conclave.

=&2=& =&3=& =&4=& =&5=& =&6=& =&7=&=&8=&

Use your own Guess Who? game 
to familiarize your family 
with the Cardinals!
One of them could be our NEXT POPE!

Check out 10 Ways to use this FREE 
Guess Who? The 116 Cardinals! printable!

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Year of Faith Tumble Tower

Another Converted 2 Catholic Classic Board Game 
brought to you by
Equipping Catholic Families!


In honor of the Year of Faith, I decided to take
our family Jumbling Tower game
and convert it to Catholic!

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Happy Saints Bingo + Happy Saints Tutorial Directory

I love the=&0=&Victor graciously allows printing of his awesome =&1=& and I have made four different projects with them.  My most recent =&2=&project has been one I have wanted to tackle for a while…with LIDS from frozen-juice-from-concentrate containers. I’m assuming that these containers are available in the US… With our five kids, we open up about 2 of these containers a day! Hence, the vast collection! …You’ll see! I had templates (that I made of Victor’s =&1=&) printed at Staples, with larger images for the “calling-out” disks and 4-to-a-page bingo card templates with a different selection of saints on each layout. The colors are nice and bright and the images are crisp. Sorry…I can’t give you my templates…please go check out the Happy Saints website for yourself! I used a 2 1/2″ hole punch to get the right-sized circle for the frozen juice lids. I used rubber cement to glue the printed circles to the lids, using the side of the lid that has a lip. These little Happy Saints won’t be removed too easily from the lids!  They stack nicely and are fun to play with…all by themselves!   I bought a little package of decorative pebbles at the dollar store for counters, but you could use pennies, holy medals or tiddlywinks!  My bingo cards are a touch too small to use my Happy Saints Tokens, but they would be fun to use (and match) as well in any Saint Bingo game…like the 30-card Saint Bingo set at Shower of Roses! They may not have exactly the same selection of saints, but it would be fun to compare the images!                       Happy BINGO with the Happy Saints!

How about HAPPY SAINT Valentine’s this year?
These are adorable…and I think can refocus this fun day, learning from and admiring the Saints!
Maybe just one little card will entice a child to learn more about the Communion of Saints!
…better than Angry Birds, don’t you think?

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Classic Games: Converted 2 Catholic!

One of my favorite ways to integrate our Catholic Faith into regular family life is to find activities and games that our kids like to do anyway…and infuse Catholic Catechism and Saints into them. So far, we have showcased the Saints in Guess Who?, used Catechism facts to add meaning to coveted card combinations in=&1=& and used our Painted Saints as player pieces in =&2=&and =&3=&Our latest awesome favorite game…converted to Catholic with  Saints… is=&4=& We have made =&5=& for the =&6=& like the =&7=& read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Happy Saint Token Tutorial

Another craft with Happy Saints!  I keep finding new ways to use them in activities for the kids.
What a vast collection over at Happy Saints! 
Make sure to find the new Happy Saints Year of Faith Banner!
I can’t wait to print and display mine!

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Dream Team of Saints: October!

Awesome Saints in October!  I just painted a couple more Saints to add to the collection!   Rather than drive myself crazy trying to paint tiny detail with my mediocre brushes, I printed out some animals to hang out with St Francis and the Divine Mercy image for St Faustina. I lightly sprayed the color printouts with hair spray to ensure that the ink wouldn’t run.  I glued them in place on each painted figure, added the saint hands over top, along with some paint accents (because my printer isn’t the best!). I sealed it all in with clear, water-based varnish, adding that little shine and extra durability.   See more tips for making your own Dream Team of Wooden Painted Saints.  Here are a couple other posts about What To Do with Wooden Painted Saints  including Checkers, Snakes & Laddersand Trouble!  

I’m linking up to the OCTOBER CeleLINKY with the SAINTS link-up to add my Saint-centered crafts and activities…and maybe pick up a couple new ideas, how about you?! 

All Saints Day is coming soon!  I think I’ll be showcasing the November CeleLINKY with the SAINTS a little early to give people time to prepare for All Saints Parties and Crafts for November 1st!
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It’s My Feast Day Plate!

There are so many posts out there about decorating a plate with a sharpie, that I thought that I would give it a try…and convert it to Catholic!

I have a little plastic plate for the kids that says “it’s my special day” and it’s amazing how it still appeals to the kids, even though it has definitely lost that new plate shine! I have decided that we need to make a bigger deal about our Patron Saint Feast Days, but life happens and I don’t always manage to cook up something special!  I thought it could be handy to have a special Saint Plate for those special Feast Days. I deliberately made my Saint illustration a little ambigous, so that it can hopefully pass for any of our favorite saints! I created a Saint Plate Template and tried to use carbon paper to transfer the drawing. That didn’t work at all! (Does anyone know how to transfer a drawing to porcelain or china?)

You can download the Saint Plate Template as part of One Page Printables Craft Kit

or you can use your own design to decorate the plate with Sharpie Markers! Subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families here: Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner I then just copied the drawing freehand with pencil and the simple design wasn’t too difficult to duplicate!  I re-traced with markers, allowing the ink to dry to avoid smudges.  Corrections can easily be made with just a wipe while the ink is wet.  I understand that rubbing alcohol helps to remove the ink once it is dry, but before it is baked. I baked the plate in a preheated oven (@ 350) for 30 minutes.  I actually used Bic markers because I liked the package of colors, but I understand that sharpies work just as well.  The package says that these markers conform to creative material standards (ASTM D 4236) and are non-toxic. The baking seems to set the ink, but I will watch how the design fares in the dishwasher.  If I were a little more cautious, I would probably limit the artwork to surfaces that won’t touch food. At a minimum, it’s going to look great on the table and an exciting reminder of our special Feast Days! ***There are ceramic markers designed perfectly for this purpose…Drawing with these markers, following the instructions on the box…may ensure more durable (dishwasher-safe!) artwork!*** (Amazon Affiliate Links: Thanks for your support!) If you have seen any of my

Painted Wooden Saints

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