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We’ve been renovating and expanding! We have decided to set up a satellite store for Arma Dei…right here at Equipping Catholic Families for our paper products!

Treasure Chest 24 50Hand in Hand $2495Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families by Monica McConkey

Hand in Hand with Jesus: A Faith Journal by Monica and Kelly McConkey


Cathletics $11Kelly Saints ID 2015

Cathletics Playing Cards by Monica McConkey

Kelly Saints I.D. Postcards by Monica and Kelly McConkey

Super SaintsSuper Saints Cards

by Monica and Kelly McConkey ©

54 Saint Cards + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box

These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and often quantifiable facts and a short biography. Shipping cost for 1-2 decks = $6

US Customers

$12US/deck + shipping:



Canadian Customers:

$12Cdn/deck + shipping:


Healing Saints 24 95

The Healing Saints of Medicine by Dr. R. Gerald Guest explores the development of traditions of sainthood through the ages and documents the saints connected to healing and to the medical profession. Fascinating histories of various saints serve to explain their association with various illnesses, and to the devotions which developed over time.

Appendices present quick reference lists of saints and their connections to specific diseases and other invocations.

$24.95US + $13 shipping


Monasteries 24 95

The Monasteries of Ireland by Dr. R. Gerald Guest leads us through a written and photographic record of Christian monastic communities of the Emerald Isle beginning in the fifth century. Stories and pictures of hundreds of locations and their remains demonstrate unique elements of the impact of Christianity over the centuries. A perfect resource for those interested in the History of the Church, of Ireland or Architecture, or those who are simply fascinated by one man’s journey through time.

$24.95US + $13 shipping


Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers
by Sir Wyvern Pugilist
This book is the definitive guide to slaying the dragons of vice and sin, following the Chief Dragon Slayer Himself (Jesus) and consulting the Ancient Manuel (the Bible). The Senior Dragon Slayers of Old (Saints) avail themselves as dignified mentors for the Dragon Slayer apprentice (you) on this virtuous quest.
This is a well-written, witty and imaginative book, the “How To Slay a Dragon” guide for faithful Christian pilgrims, as they courageously put on the Armor of God (hey, that’s our company name… Arma Dei!) and prepare for the battle of their lives.

You will love this book. You might buy it for your child, but find yourself reading it eagerly, out loud…because you want to!

…and if you purchase it here, you will receive the exclusive Dragon Slayers Progress Report PDF download…with permission to copy for each Dragon Slayer who lives in your house.

So sorry, this book is no longer available.


Ancient Manual 17

Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Every Dragon Slayer’s Guide to the Bible

by Sir Wyvern Pugilist

As a young boy, Sir Wyvern Pugilist joined the Secret Order of Dragon Slayers, mastering the arts and practices of defeating all species of malicious dragon-monsters. Through his famed Dragon Slayers, he’s been successfully training new generations of young Slayers to do the same. Now he’s back – with his long-anticipated advanced course. In Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Sir Wyvern leads you deep into the mysteries of an old battle – the battle for your very life! – and the harrowing secret mission of the Special Descendant.

So sorry, this book is no longer available through Arma Dei.

Please inquire at Paraclete Press: Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed

Email us at Monica a t ArmaDei d o t com for pricing inquiries for orders within Canada

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