Saints Calendars and Planners for EVERY DAY Catholics!

Our NEW Saints Calendars and Planners are NOW available for 2021!

Invite the Saints into your EVERY DAY with these Saints Calendar Printables!

Letter-Size Vertical Saints Calendar with 160 Stickies and 56 Lists and Logs (PDF)

The 25 page Wall Calendar Kit includes a 16 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) as well as Lists and Logs Templates which include:

  • Special Date Log for Sacraments, firsts, birthdays, anniversaries and milestones
    (keep year after year + add to it)
  • Saints Dates Log for key Saints, by month
    (keep year after year)
  • 160 stickies of special Feast Days, Liturgical Season dates, Sacraments and Memorials
  • 36 tags to record Monthly Devotions, Monthly Intentions and Scripture to memorize
  • 18 list tags to record Confession dates, prayer intentions, 1st Sacrament dates, Memorials, Patron Saints and Novena notices

Letter-Size Vertical Saints Calendar

PDF Download: $15



Letter-Size Landscape Saints Calendar PDF

This Wall Calendar Kit includes a 16 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) formatted to fit 8.5″x11″ landscape mode.

See alternate Wall Calendar Kit for additional list and log templates and illustrated Catholic stickies.

Letter-Size Landscape Saints Calendar PDF

PDF Download: $12



The Website Planner includes a 16 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!), along with website, blog and shop planner stats and records. It starts with September 2020  and includes over 40 full-page templates!

This year’s Calendar includes special prayers for each month and more Saint images than ever before for Feast Days and Monthly Devotions.

Template add-ons: Lists and Logs for Sacraments and Prayer Intentions

Templates include:

  • 16 month calendar (with Top Referrers, Top Posts, Giveaways, Guest Posts and Blog Events)
  • Blog Stats, Shop Stats monthly worksheets
  • Social Media and Blog Stats spreadsheets
  • Passwords
  • Giveaways (including all contact info, dates and stats)
  • Guest Posts (including contact info and deadlines)
  • Contributor Posts (including deadlines, embedded links)
  • Sponsor Buttons
  • Ad Space
  • Affiliate Links
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WP Health Stats
  • Index Tabs
  • lists and logs for Sacraments and Prayer Intentions: template of add-ons/stickers  NEW!
  • Domains, Service and Software Registration
  • Events
  • Discounts
  • Interviews
  • Alternate Storefronts (example: Peter’s Square, Etsy, Amazon, Catholic Mommy Blogs)
  • Dot and Lined Paper for notes
  • Laminated Tabs (easy instructions for professional tabs)

Saints Planner for Blogs and Shops

$20 $15 on sale now!


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