A Prayer Dispositions Workshop

So we’ve got a wonderful Women’s Ministry at our Parish. We only meet once a month from September to May and each meeting has a special theme. We have an Advent Wreath-making night, a Soup and Small Talk night, a Catholic Trivia night and a Praise and Worship night and a number of meetings with specially chosen guest speakers…and we pretty much always have snacks and wine. It’s a wonderful group of ladies and it has been a privilege to grow in our friendship and spiritual lives together, talking about Faith and prayer and supporting one another, well beyond the once-a-month meeting.

The first meeting of the year is usually devoted to prayer and that’s how I first became involved.

Two different years, I offered my Prayer Journal Prompts Workshop Craft Kit and the group of 40 ladies customized dollarstore notebooks into unique prayer journals using the prayer prompts printed on label paper and my own line of Catholic Prayer Journal Stamps.

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(BTW, we just launched some new Saints, Sacraments and Seasons Stamps in the last week and these have been really popular with Prayer Journalers and Catholic Passport programs!)

Prayer Dispositions Workshop

This year, the ladies chose my NEW Prayer Dispositions Booklet and Workbook Craft Kit and I reformatted the kit to make it easy to print the booklets and offer the handout quiz. We had a smaller turnout in the school library, as our Church was just on the verge of being reopened after significant renovations, but here is the fine group of ladies who came out for the first ever Prayer Dispositions Workshop!

We watched this video by Fr. Mike Schmitz  (as best we could with limited wifi) and we had a great discussion about how we pray.  We shared different prayers and strategies that work for us and within our families and we shared the challenges we face in our personal prayer.

I reformatted my What’s Your Prayer Type online quiz  into a compact, but more comprehensive paper handout and the ladies all eagerly filled them out. Each of the ladies went home with the Prayer Dispositions with the Saints booklet and workbook and the feedback we received after the meeting was great!

I have compiled all the resources into the Prayer Dispositions Workshop Kit to streamline the process…and it is available NOW for $15.

However, if you purchase the Catholic Mom Bundle through my link below to receive 24 Catholic Resources to help you live liturgically this Advent (and the whole year through), you could get the Prayer Dispositions Workshop Kit for FREE!

The Catholic Mom Bundle for Advent 2019

It’s a $362 value package of Catholic Resources for Advent, Faith Development, Organization and Planning and it’s available for only $25. The reason I mention it…is that if you purchase the package through my link below, I’m going to send you the new Prayer Dispositions Workshop Kit PDF in thanks for your support!

Here’s a sneak peak at only a couple of the resources included in this year’s awesome Catholic Mom Bundle!


…aaand, if you refer a friend to purchase the Catholic Mom Bundle, just ask them to respond with your name in an email to me after they purchase through my link and YOU will receive an extra Catholic Craft Kit PDF for FREE!

TWO FREE Catholic Craft Kits in addition to the 24 resources in the bundle!

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