The Seven Prayer Dispositions

What They Look Like and Why We Need Them

Continuing with our evolving mission on this site Equipping Catholic Families…to PRAY  I’ve been looking at ways we might learn from the Saints (and of course Our Lady) to pray better and develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus. I’ve been studying some of the Prayer Dispositions of the Saints.

The more I study, the more convinced I am that we are best equipped if we pursue ALL of them!

I’ve never seen Prayer Dispositions described in this way, but I think I’ve discovered something really cool and it’s going to help me to pray better.

We are all called to pray every day! We find our most meaningful approach to prayer affected by our different temperaments and gifts, how our Faith has been presented to us and how much we lean on it in our every day life. We find that our own prayer habits and our favorite go-to prayers are different from those around us, but we can deepen our prayer and intimacy with Jesus by practicing various Prayer Dispositions that vary from our own.

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Are you curious at all, what these SEVEN Prayer Dispositions might be?


we’ve got a Craft Kit for that!

With Our Blessed Mother and the Saints as our guides, we are called to practice all seven of these Prayer Dispositions for a fruitful prayer life and intimate relationship with Jesus.

This 40 page booklet presents the 7 Prayer Dispositions and why we need them for a healthy prayer life. Each of the Prayer Dispositions is described along with how various Catholic Saints practiced them, as mentors in our Faith. Our Lady models prayer for us in the most exemplary way with the most intense practice of all of these Prayer Dispositions.

The booklet is illustrated with our own unique Super Saints images, along with our new logos. A seven page Workbook is included within the template offering prompts to explore and grow in the seven Prayer Dispositions. An additional template of Pocket Prayers is included to be printed, cut and folded featuring particularly useful prayers for easy reference: Prayers to the Holy Spirit and St. Padre Pio’s Secret Weapon the Sacred Heart Novena!



Prayer Dispositions with the Saints eBook and Workbook

PDF Download:  $11  $6 for a limited time!

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