Want to Try A Little Way to Pray this LENT?

Are you looking for a new way to boost your PRAYER LIFE this Lent?

We’re offering a special deal until February 18th: Purchase A Little Way to Pray (e-book) for $6 and choose THREE Lock Screen Prayer Prompts of your choice and get them for FREE! (Save $6)

We have 16 to choose from here: Lock Screen Prayer Prompts*

Code: PrayerPackedLent

*not including the XYZ custom Lock Screen Prayer Prompt

Here’s a little more about A Little Way to Pray

Here’s What Others Have to Say about A Little Way to Pray

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…and for those who have received A Little Way to Pray, make sure that you are subscribed here at Equipping Catholic Families to receive updates. We will be releasing the Kindle-friendly version of A Little Way to Pray next week…and you’ll find out here how to get it for FREE!

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