A New Way to Pray …in 2018?

Looking for a NEW Way to Pray in 2018?

Every time I feel frustrated, I’m on the verge of losing patience or getting all resentful, I can use that struggle as a prompt to pray, to surrender, to call out to God, admitting that I need Him now.

(from A New Way to Pray)

Here’s what our readers have been saying about A New Way to Pray:

This is so beautiful that it has brought me to tears and smiling throughout! You definitely have a really good understanding of the spiritual life and I can see the influence of St. Therese in your writings as well as St. Faustina…two of my favourite Saints! I do love your idea of the prompt prayer. I wonder if adding: Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray! would also help. I think of this when I am meditating on the Agony in the Garden and how Jesus prayed to the Father. ~JW

Thank you so much for writing this.  You validated me today.  On a night when I felt basically all the struggles you mentioned, I just thank you for being you and for being so real and for loving our Lord just so very much. ~CL

Your little e-book is so good and so well written! I am so proud of you for persevering in this “little way” and so humbly sharing your journey. I am sure it will touch many hearts.  It has already touched mine. ~Fr. R

I was moved by both her honesty with her struggles in the prayer life, and even more so by her determination to persevere in her growth in holiness. As I read Monica’s reflection a line jumped out at me, and I thought that it is so me… that line so sums up my prayer struggles: More often than not, the moments I’m overwhelmed and frustrated and in most need of prayer are the moments I forget to pray and just continue to struggle on my own. In A Little Way to Pray, Monica has created a tool to help in times of prayer struggle. She has [also] created fridge posters and pocket cards of prayer prompts … those little things in life that we can use to help remind us to turn to God in difficult times, both big and small. ~RL

Finding a “Little Way” to Pray at The Fisherman’s Shoes

The Holy Spirit has certainly been inspiring you with excellent prompt ideas that are really practical aids to prayer and the presence of God. How can this be shared? I am sure it would be of genuine help to all Mothers. ~Fr. M

This is a wonderful little book showing that searching for God and the ability to live in His Presence is an indispensable goal in the spiritual life. ~Fr. L

Impactful, inspirational and most importantly, helps me focus on GOD. Now, how do I use these or more importantly, how do you share these ‘gems’ with others? Your designs (font, color and layout) are just superb…I remember some by simply their design. Great work! Now, do I print these and post them on all my kitchen appliances? Do you create and sell wallpaper for key walls in my house? How do I keep these inspirational reminders coming into my mind or vision when I need them? ~Deacon W

Hey, Deacon Wayne! We’ve got an alternate to giant Prayer Prompts wallpaper ‘for key walls in your house’! 

Introducing Lock Screen Prayer Prompts!

Introducing Lock Screen Prayer Prompts!

We’ve got 16 Lock Screen Prayer Prompts at the

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with key prayer prompts and illustrated with a watercolor wash and our unique Kelly Saints!

You’ll be prompted to pray…every time you glance at your phone!

…and when you purchase A Little Way to Pray (add to cart button below), we’ll give you your first Lock Screen Prayer Prompt* for free when you use this code: LockScreenPrayerPromptfree

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A Little Way to Pray


A Little Way to Pray (e-book)

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Reflective Essay on Prayer with printable Pocket Prayer Prompts

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