Teach Me to Love My Littleness

love my littleness

I’ve found a new inexhaustible source of prompts to remind me to pray. And they’re all in-house. I don’t even need to look as far as the next person for pet peeves or sacrifices. Those pesky feelings of anger, resentment, pride and envy well up while I’m busy trying to get things done.
The near-occasion-of-sin translates into a real-life mad mom moment that just may or may not end well.
The incessant voice of frustration or negativity…confirms that the struggle is real. And maybe, the prevalence, the recurring nature of the struggle…can be used for good.

My littleness and my need for God make me more pliable in His Hands. They soften my heart, open up my will to seek His and they open my heart to gratefully receive His Love that I didn’t earn. Those consistent and blatant reminders of my littleness, bubbling up within feelings of frustration, discouragement and resentment, are ready-made prompts to pray: Jesus, I’m too little to do this on my own. Please carry me the rest of the way. (Excerpt from A Little Way to Pray)

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