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There’s something new here today and it’s kind of a big deal. If you’ve followed Equipping Catholic Families for a while, you’ll know that we’re always trying to share easy and practical ways to celebrate the Catholic Faith through crafts and activities and family traditions.  

Something else that is close to my heart (and has been for over two decades) is fostering a real relationship with Jesus and praying from the heart. When I discovered that our Catholic Faith can be so much more than weekly Mass and some memorized prayer, I began my quest to find practical tips to live out my Faith more consistently with more frequent heartfelt prayer throughout daily life. 

Prayer Prompts

I just realized that I’ve been talking about Prayer Prompts (reminders to pray throughout the day) as far back as my final thesis project in Architecture School. I wrote about Prompts for Prayer in my book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families in 2001 and at Equipping Catholic Families since 2010.

I guess it comes down to the fact that I need reminders…for my To Do List, but also for real heartfelt prayer, fostering this relationship with Jesus. I find that I can get overwhelmed by worries and logistics…and at those precise moments, I forget to pray.

I’ve written about the Prompt Me to Pray Prayer and how a similar prayer has helped me secure the Daily Rosary habitI’ve marveled at the simple yet profound teaching of St Therese* and I’ve aspired to Br. Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God*, knowing that I fall way short of their holiness.

*affiliate links: Thanks for your support…and it’s only $2.99 for Br. Lawrence’s awesome little book!

A Little Way to Pray

But… just recently I’ve discovered a NEW way to pray that has a lot to do with The Little Way…but includes an inexhaustible source of practical Prayer Prompts; custom-fit and always available for me…and for you too.

I haven’t heard or read about this anywhere else. I think it’s a jolt from the Holy Spirit and my spiritual director thinks so too.

I’ve compiled an e-book: A Little Way to Pray!  Not only does it include different approaches to prayer that have worked for me and friends of Equipping Catholic Families, but also this brand new approach to Prayer Prompts that are guaranteed to get us praying when we most need to! 

The book also includes our original Pocket Prayer Prompts that can be printed and strategically placed where you need them in your house, car, office or classroom. This is not the ‘inexhaustible source of prayer prompts’ we’re talking about in the book, but they will certainly help those of us who like visual cues.


This is a $6.00 download. Click the Add to Cart (Arma Dei Shoppe) button to purchase the e-book and if you don’t mind, print it out and read it with your coffee or tea ….and let me know if it’s something that touches your heart and will help you to pray.




$6 PDF Download


For those who keep prayer journals, you might be interested in our craft kits here: 


Prayer Journal Prompts

Journal Prayers and Novenas

Prayer Journal Prompts Workshop Kit




  1. What a beautiful reminder to pray! This year, having the St. Andrew’s prayer as my lock screen on my phone has worked wonders, so I think that having something like this would be super beneficial!

    • I actually don’t have a phone (I know…I think I’m the last mom on the planet not to have a phone) but I’d love to make the little Prayer Prompts for lock screens. Thanks for the inspiration, Emily. =)

  2. I already stick post-it notes all over my bathroom mirror with similar reminders or prayers that I want to memorize, but the colorful prompts offered in this little book will look so much nicer. Thank you!

  3. Diane Overmann says:

    I need help getting the book A New Way to pray..

  4. Thank you so much for this great “little” book! You are such a “BIG” blessing!!

  5. Thank you for sharing! All day I have had the lingering thought that I would like to get better at praying. After getting all our 6 little children in bed, I checked my email and found I had an email from catholic mommy blog with a link to your sweet gift. Thank you for answering Gods call. God bless <3

  6. Teresa Kusatz says:

    Teresa (Mom) says:
    Thank you for this beautiful, inspiring book! Sorry about the Rosary association! You Dad and I still say the Rosary in the car while driving! (Hopefully not to shush me!!:-)
    Seriously though, this is so profound and inspiring and I am so proud of my beautiful, inspired daughter, and I will look to it daily to keep me on track! God Bless you, your family and your work!

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