NEW Craft Kit for Divine Mercy!

We’ve got a NEW Craft Kit…just in time for the Divine Mercy Novena starting on Good Friday!

Divine Mercy Cover

Divine Mercy with the Kelly Saints Craft Kit

$15 PDF:



The Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday! Different souls are prayed for each of the nine days of prayer and you will find additional prayers and information here. There are also awesome promises associated with diligently saying this Novena along with going to Confession and receiving Holy Communion and you can read more about these promises here.

I have wanted to create the Divine Mercy Craft Kit for quite some time, particularly offering hands-on crafts or coloring to help kids focus on this beautiful devotion. There are 18 templates in this kit…from prayer wheels to booklets to prayer petal flowers to coloring pages, this craft kit is designed to help kids of all ages participate in this devotion and draw closer to Jesus, appreciating His huge Sacrifice for us and His Divine Mercy.

Novena Tracker and Prayer Spinwheel

The Novena Tracker and Prayer Spinwheel is designed like the Revolving Rosary contained in the Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit. The smaller circle (with arrow) rotates with the use of a brass fastener (or pipe cleaner assembly) to keep track of exactly which prayer or which Novena Day you’re on!

All of the prayers are printed on the pieces for easy reference and the templates are available in both color (for immediate use) or in B&W for a coloring activity.

LaceUp Novena Tracker

The Lace-Up Novena Tracker is available in color for ready-to-pray use or in B&W for a coloring activity. Hole-punched, the Novena days can be tracked by lacing through the holes with a shoelace.

Laminated, the little circle markers can be colored with dry-erase markers to keep track day by day.



Prayer Counter Cards





These Prayer Counter cards featuring the Crucifix as well as the Divine Mercy can be colored to mark each prayer as it is said. The text for all three main prayers of the Chaplet are recorded on these cards. One card can be used per child, per day of the nine day Novena.



Divine Mercy Prayer Petal FlowersThe Divine Mercy Prayer Petal Flower can be assembled while reciting one decade of the Chaplet! The prayers are included on the various pieces of the flower to help kids keep track! Clipart is included along with an explanation of the Spiritual Bouquet, so that the complete Divine Mercy Flower can be given to the loved one being prayed for.



This kit includes 18 templates! Here they are:

Lace-Up Novena Day Tracker (color and B&W)
Novena Tracker & Prayer Spinwheel (color and B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Counter Cards (B&W)
Crucifix/Divine Mercy Prayer Counter Cards (B&W)
Divine Mercy Crucifix Prayer Counter (color and B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Counter (color and B&W)
5 Decade Prayer Counter Page (B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Petal Flower (B&W)
Divine Mercy Spiritual Bouquet clipart (B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Counter Coloring Page (B&W)
Divine Mercy/ St Faustina Mercy Cards (color and B&W)
Works of Mercy/Mother of Mercy Cards (color and B&W)

According to the diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus states that those who say the Divine Mercy Novena and go to confession and receive Holy Communion (on or around the same time) shall obtain the total forgiveness of all sins and punishment.

Purchase the Divine Mercy Craft Kit today…and print the pages that will help your family enjoy the graces from this awesome Devotion starting this Friday!

Divine Mercy with the Kelly Saints Craft Kit

$15 PDF: Add to Cart


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