Build Up Your Catholic Catechism!

Jenga converted to Catholic

Build up your Catholic Catechism with Cool 2B Catholic Tower Tumble!

A few years ago, we started converting some of our favorite classic board games to be Catholic with these fine printables:

Guess Who Saints Guess Who Popes Guess Who Cardinals





  • Guess Who?! The Saints
  • Guess Who?! 24 Popes
  • Guess Who?! 116 Cardinals

Kelly Saints Stamps square cover

We also released the comprehensive Kelly Saints Stamps Cathletics Craft Kit featuring SIX different templates of Kelly Saints Stamps…to convert Connect 4, Checkers, Guess Who?!, Plinko and many other classic games to be Catholic!  The  Kelly Saints Stamps are also uber-handy for chore charts, fridge magnets, glass pebbles, poker chip tokens, penpal stickers and stamps…and much more!

This summer, we decided to revisit Classic Jenga…and convert it to be Catholic…this time adding a JUMBO Tower Tumble!


Jenga Catechism

Build up your Catholic Catechism with Cool 2B Catholic Tower Tumble!

The Tower Tumble Cathletics Craft Kit includes 56 Categories and Answers formatted as little tags to adhere to your Jenga blocks!  They are easily scotch-taped in place and include references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and/or Scriptural References!

Sneak Peek Tower Tumble


Catholic Jenga

…and now, this awesome Cathletics Craft Kit includes templates for

Jumbo Tower Tumble!

This is a great backyard or Youth Group game…making the blocks out of 2×4’s!

We’ve added JUMBO Tower Tumble templates…

so that you can varnish the Catechism categories and answers right onto the giant blocks!

The tower starts out at 27″ tall…and gets higher as you play!

Here’s an awesome tutorial to Make Your Own Giant Jenga out of 2x4s!

Tower Tumble 300px


Tower Tumble Cathletics Craft Kit

includes JUMBO Tower Templates!

26 Page PDF Download: $10

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Don’t have a Jenga game in your house? Thanks for purchasing it here…we receive a small commission for Equipping Catholic Families.

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