Saints Timeline (for visual learners!)

Last week was a big week, with the launch of our TWO NEW Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kits!

Saints Series One42 Saints in all, presented with brand new Kelly Comics illustrations, Saint stats and brief bios.

There is so much to tell you about these kits, and I knew I couldn’t tell you everything in my launch post last week.


I thought I’d show you another way that we are using them at our house.


Saints Calendar PinboardThe full color Saint postcards are packed with easy reference Saint stats (Feast Day, life years and patronage) and a brief bio. The full color illustrations (by 15 year old Kelly!) easily identify each Saint and they are fun to look at!

I printed the full set of Saint postcards, across the two Saint Craft Kits (Saint Scripts ONE and Saint Scripts TWO). Someday, I hope to get my own lamination machine, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the big bucks to get them laminated at the print shop. Instead, I did my own laminating with a couple rolls of clear adhesive, using bristol board as durable backing. I think they look great…and I’m already thinking of a couple other ways I’ll be using them!


A few years ago, my husband and I secured almost 8 feet of 1/4″ cork (it comes in a roll) to an 8′ piece of  1/4″ birch veneer plywood, with lots of glue …and bolts through to the wall. We have enjoyed our big bulletin board in our office, where we pin a year-in-view calendar and all of our key login information, tickets, warranties, favorite pictures…anything we want to keep visible, neatly.

It was the perfect place to show off the Saint postcards!

This project was my excuse to re-organize and clean-up the board, but only  after I tried out a few ways to display the Saint postcards. I don’t know…I kind of liked the way it looked with all the Saints! I think at least some of the Saint postcards will stay, at least during their month!

Saint Scripts Timeline


Building these craft kits, I have been reading a lot about Saints over the last couple weeks, but I really enjoyed displaying them in a timeline. I printed out the different century headings in a font that I had used in the Craft Kit.

I noticed a couple saints who were alive around the same time…and recognized particularly busy Saint-making centuries; at least from the perspective of the Saints I have focused on so far.

Saint Postcard Calendar


I also printed out the months of the year. I pinned the Saint postcards by the month that their Feast Day occurs.  It made me realize…how many of my favorite Saints Feast Days are in October…and that I only have ONE (so far) for this month of November!

To see these 42 of my favorite Saints organized by calendar months, has helped me to pick and choose which Feast Days I’d like to focus on each month, on my blog and in our home.

I know I get overwhelmed if I think I have to celebrate every special Feast Day, but at a minimum, I can put a Saint postcard on the fridge or the dinner table to help us invite these wise and holy people into our family life…and foster love for the Saints!


Saint Script ONE pic

Want to learn more about our NEW Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kits?

Each kit includes 20 Saints

(+ Jesus or Mary) in a  little recipe card format filled with Saint stats, a full color  Kelly Comics pic and a brief biography.

Each kit ALSO includes 20(+1) half page black and white templates with the colorable pic, plus information format for kids to research and fill in the Saint details.  Instructions and suggestions are included for different ways of using each Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kit at home or in the classroom!

Both of these Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kits are available as comprehensive PDF craft kits you can print at home!

Saints_Scripts_1_coverSaint Scripts Series ONE contains the full color recipe cards plus blank templates with coloring picture for these Saints: St Andre, St Anthony, St Catherine, St Clare, St Dominic, St Faustina, St Francis, St John, St Jude, St Nicholas, St Pio, St Patrick, St Paul, St Peter, St Raphael, St Rita, Bl Teresa, St Therese, St Vincent AND Jesus

Purchase Saint Scripts Series ONE here (PDF Download: $15) Add to Cart


Saint Scripts Series TWO contains the full color recipe cards plus blank templates with coloring picture for these Saints:  St Agnes, St Anne, St Augustine, St Benedict, St Bernadette, St Cecilia, St Gabriel, St George, St Gerard, St Gianna, St Joan, Bl John Paul II, St Joseph, St Juan, St Kateri, St Lucy, St Maria, St Maximilian, St Michael, St Monica AND Blessed Virgin Mary

Purchase Saint Scripts Series TWO here (PDF Download: $15)

Add to Cart

Purchase BOTH Saint Scripts Craft Kits (ONE and TWO) for $25:

Use the discount code: 241Saints



  1. Natalie Johnson says:

    It won’t let me add these to the cart to purchase – Please help!!

  2. I noticed what looked like magnets?
    Is there info. for those?

  3. These are great! I was just thinking that you could put them into a 3-ringed binder and use the plastic protective covers.

  4. Wow!! You ladies are amazing!! This is wonderful! I will share about it in my blog and Facebook! blessings!!

  5. These are also great for making 4 part cards for a montessori lesson. Just get 3 sets and keep one set whole but do not bind and cut the second set into the separate pieces for matching then bind the 3rd set as a book for easy review and testing.

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