Who Knew Guess Who? would be so popular?!

Check out our NEW Guess WHO? The POPES!  printable
…can’t wait to see what the other Catholic bloggers and Catholic Moms do with this one!

Guess Who CardinalsGuess Who? Three Ways!

Print 2 sets of the template to use with the Guess Who? game in the back of your games’ closet!


Print 2 sets of the template for a matching game…what a great way to learn the faces of these 24 Popes.
(The years they served as pope are also listed with their name!)


Print 1 set and cut and paste the photos onto Pope Postcards …adding all the research you can find about what they did when they were pope, their motto, their teachings…

Get your FREE  Guess WHO? The POPES! 

I love to see how others are using my FREE printables!
Hand-Maid with Love made wooden peg people Cardinals 
with my printable as their ID tag!  I love the little wooden dolls…I happen to make my own Painted Saints: check out what I have done with them at the Painted Saints Portal!
I may just have to make some (more) Popes, using the new template for the name tag that they could hold!

Get your free Guess Who? The 116 Cardinals!

Working with A Living Garden’s Papal Election Playset printable, we combined TWO FREE printables to make this play set! Fun AND informative!

conclave craft web

Guess Who SaintsOur classic Guess Who? The Saints! FREE printable is still one of our most popular posts!

What Saints would you like to see added…for a 2nd Guess Who?! The Saints! template?
Leave a comment!
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  1. Thank you, Monica!!
    I just downloaded the brand new Guess Who?! Popes Template…and I LOVED visiting your Painted Saints Portal – WOW! So Beautiful!!
    I’m inspired and encouraged to get to work with my children on some new crafts while learning about our Faith – Thank you!

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