Equipping Catholic Families Back to School {SALE}

We can’t believe it’s time for the Equipping Catholic Families Back to School SALE!

We’ve been busy getting our Super Saints Cards ready for print and raising the funds to get them printed (God-Willing!) in time for the World Meeting of Families!

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Is next year a First Sacrament year for one of your kids?

Three already-researched and formatted templates for Sacrament based scrapbook and journaling crafts, inspired by our unique Faith Journal Hand in hand with Jesus.

The square templates can be cut to fit into an 8″x8″ constructed or store-bought scrapbook or folded according to the enclosed instructions for an ACCORDIAN BOOK. Coloring and scrapbooking techniques are recommended to embellish the layouts, along with the clipart provided.

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Sacrament Scrapbook: Confirmation Edition

Scrapbooking or journaling is a great way to document our kids’ journey through the Sacraments! Compiling documents, pictures and thoughtful notes into a special book is fun to do…and makes a great gift for the child. Keepsakes like this help to build our Catholic family culture, focusing on these monumental milestones in our Catholic Faith.

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Confirmation May 2015

Joseph and our front yard tree…have both grown a lot in the last 7 years!

Confirmation 2015!

Last night, Joseph received his Confirmation and his sister Emily was his Sponsor!

Pictured with our pastor Fr. Michael and our youth ministry coordinator Krystiana!

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Unique Holy Communion Gift you can MAKE!

Last year, I made this special PrayerLoom Prayer Book for Bridget as she celebrated her First Holy Communion.

I took the finished scrapbook to our Parish Women’s Group, showing them the Catholic Craft Kits, Books and Cards I create

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Catholic Crafts: Onesies Print Pack

I decided to compile a bunch of one-pager printables into a new Cathletics Craft Kit Printable.

This Cathletics Craft Kit includes SIX one-page printable templates including:

  • Sign of the Cross (Mirror Signs) (NEW!)
  • St Benedict Holy Medal Template
  • It’s My Feast Day Plate (EXPANDED)
  • Prayer Habits Meme (NEW!)
  • Reconciliation Prayers and LogBook (EDITED!)
  • Reconciliation Sneak Peek Sheets (EDITED!)

It’s only $5, and we do appreciate your support if you can spare it…to help justify the amount of time we put into this site and our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables!

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First Communion in Pictures

Bridget in our Family’s First Communion Dress. I’m so happy to get this picture and she looks so happy!

Each family had a pew at the First Communion, with the First Communicant sitting at the end at the center aisle. Our pastor deliberately assigned one pew per family…and let the crowd into the Church only 10 minutes before Mass started, to cut down on the chaos!

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7 Obscure Ways to Celebrate First Holy Communion

— 1 —

Let the First Communicant wear a First Communion dress crocheted by the Pope’s cousin.

It’s true. Bridget will be wearing our family First Communion dress. It’s not satiny or even very long like the other girls’ First Communion dresses, but it was lovingly made by our adopted-Grandma Elizabeth, married to the first cousin of St John Paul II.

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Prayer-Loom Prayer Book for treasured First Communion gift from the whole family!

I enjoy making meaningful, homemade gifts…especially when I think they will help immerse kids deeper in the Catholic Faith.  As Catholics, we have a rich Tradition to pass along with many classic Catholic prayers…and awesome Saints to inspire and guide us.

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Thinking Outside the Sacrament Gift Box

It’s Sacrament Season again!

My Godson makes his First Holy Communion this Saturday and my daughter Bridget makes hers in 2 weeks!

Last year, I posted the Cool To Be Catholic Sacrament Gifts,

but I have discovered a couple more awesome products that I’d love to introduce you too!

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