Super Cute Saints! +GIVEAWAY

There are some NEW Super Cute Saints in town! Check out the delightful little statues, charms, fridge magnets and pens from Little Drop of Water

They specialize in fine little collectibles for kids and practical little gifts that intertwine the superheroes of our Faith into our daily lives!

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Review: The Catholic Woman’s Companion

I was so excited to receive my very own printed copy of The Catholic Woman’s Companion by Nancy at Do Small Things with Love!

This 1″ thick 8.5″x6.5″ spiral bound, printed book is NOW available here: The Catholic Woman’s Companion. You will find a great little video introducing the planner along with sample pages and a summary of the extensive contents that will help you (and me!) to get organized this next Liturgical Calendar year!

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Review: Catholic Through the Year Planner

You may have noticed less frequent posting over here at Equipping Catholic Families. We took a little extra family time this summer and we’re just now getting refocused on  the blog and a few new creative projects including some Cathletics Craft Kits!

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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: Review and LAUNCH today!

I’m so excited about this book! I received my ebook before Christmas and what perfect timing! It’s an entertaining read…and also an uncomfortable one at times, but as I eagerly read on…a necessary one.

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The Monasteries of Ireland

This is part of our Distinguished and Limited Edition Books for the Home Library selection available at Equipping Catholic Families.

The Monasteries of Ireland by Dr. R. Gerald Guest leads us through a written and photographic record of Christian monastic communities of the Emerald Isle beginning in the fifth century. Stories and pictures of hundreds of locations and their remains demonstrate unique elements of the impact of Christianity over the centuries. A perfect resource for those interested in the History of the Church, of Ireland or Architecture, or those who are simply fascinated by one man’s journey through time.

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The Healing Saints of Medicine

The Healing Saints of Medicine by Dr. R. Gerald Guest explores the development of traditions of sainthood through the ages and documents the saints connected to healing and to the medical profession. Fascinating histories of various saints serve to explain their association with various illnesses, and to the devotions which developed over time.

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Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed!

Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Every Dragon Slayer’s Guide to the Bible

by Sir Wyvern Pugilist

As a young boy, Sir Wyvern Pugilist joined the Secret Order of Dragon Slayers, mastering the arts and practices of defeating all species of malicious dragon-monsters. Through his famed Dragon Slayers, he’s been successfully training new generations of young Slayers to do the same. Now he’s back – with his long-anticipated advanced course. In Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Sir Wyvern leads you deep into the mysteries of an old battle – the battle for your very life! – and the harrowing secret mission of the Special Descendant.

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The Dragon Slayer Handbook

Dragon Slayers

by Sir Wyvern Pugilist This book is the =&0=& to slaying the dragons of vice and sin, following the =&1=&Himself =&2=& and consulting the =&3=&. The =&4=& =&5=& avail themselves as dignified mentors for =&6=& on this virtuous quest. This is a well-written, witty and imaginative book, the =&7=& guide for faithful Christian pilgrims, as they courageously put on the =&8=& (hey, that’s our company name… =&9=&) and prepare for the battle of their lives.

You will love this book. You might buy it for your child, but find yourself reading it eagerly, out loud…because you want to!

…and if you purchase it here, you will receive the exclusive Dragon Slayers Progress Report PDF download…with permission to copy for each Dragon Slayer who lives in your house.

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Review: A Missal for Little Ones

Review: A Missal for Little Ones

Available at Magnificat/Ignatius Press

This is a beautiful little Missal for kids. The pictures are cute and colorful, making the Missal a helpful book for little ones who cannot yet read. Although the Missal does not offer more than short snippets of the official responses, it offers simple explanations of each part of the Mass, likely more engaging and helpful to guide young readers through the Mystery of the Mass.

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Feast Day Fun: St Joseph the Worker!

Feast Day Crafts and Activities

Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO). Although we enjoyed the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19, May 1st is the Feast of the SAME St. Joseph, this time focusing on the Worker. St Joseph was humble, pure, gentle and wise, protecting the Holy Family. He walked by Faith, taking Mary as his wife and guiding and protecting the Baby Jesus, heeding the instructions from the Angel of the Lord. He worked humbly and diligently as a carpenter, to provide for his family. It is believed that Joseph died peacefully in the Arms of Jesus and Mary.   One of the symbols of Saint Joseph is the lily in honor of his purity, so we present the Handprint Lilies craft!   A couple years ago, we turned a couple of on-clearance TY dolls into Saints…like St. Patrick, Mother Mary, Jesus, St John Paul II. Here is my St. Joseph…and the St Joseph made by friend Lucia who inspired me with her idea and even sent me a doll (St John Paul II) along with these cute little tools she found!

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