Into the Arms of Mary

This is why I’m not going to use the Saint Generator this year.

Now is the time to figure out all those resolutions for the new year, right? As Catholics, our new Liturgical Year began with the first Sunday of Advent, but I don’t know, I still use January 1st as a new beginning. Rather than tackling 100 resolutions that will likely fizzle out by Epiphany, I’m trying to narrow in on a few practical and challenging-enough resolutions that I might be able to keep…and will help me pray, draw closer to Jesus, get healthier, better fulfil my vocation and enjoy 2017 to its fullest.

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Prayer Intentions, anyone?

We’re prepping for a pilgrimage!

Please add your prayer intentions in the comments or email me here or PM me or find me on FB or follow me on Insta

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Handing Over My Tangled Mess

Do you ever worry? Do you ever pray Jesus, I trust in You, all the while coordinating your best backup plan just in case?

I do.

Sometimes my to do lists churn into sticky-note reminders for my kids’ to do lists and I’m troubleshooting things that haven’t even happened …for jobs that aren’t even my problem. Sometimes, I wake up the next day to find that all that busy work I did while I couldn’t sleep at three in the morning…was completely unnecessary.

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Congratulations Bishop Scott McCaig!

Here’s our first ever LIVING Super Saints card in honor of our good friend Bishop-Elect Scott McCaig.

We will be attending the Episcopal Ordination of Most Reverend Scott McCaig, Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada!

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Your Job is Not My Problem

Once upon a time, I had three kids at home…of the five-and-under crowd and I remember a certain three year old taking me by surprise.

We were struggling through potty training.

I had tried everything. Smarties (Canadian M&M’s), stickers, reward charts, guilt trips, peer pressure.

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A Mom For All Seasons

There are plenty of Moms out there…new Moms and veteran Moms, adoptive Moms, foster Moms, grieving Moms, hopeful Moms, spiritual Moms, expecting Moms, GrandMoms and Moms in the trenches of diapers and sleepless nights.

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Attainable Expectations for the Affirmation Junkie

I’m a bit of an affirmation junkie. I like making cool things and I like it even more when I like how they look when I’m finished…and when others tell me they like them too. It’s not a big leap to realize that I like when people like me and when they like the things that I do.

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6 Steps for a Lifelong Confession

Originally published on my secret blog in 2012, 10 years after my lifelong confession

I was speaking with my spiritual director and confessor.  Almost as an afterthought, I told him that sometimes I didn’t feel forgiven, even after confession.  He explained that it was possible to be overscrupulous…but he also mentioned the lifelong confession.

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Will YOU be a Kelly Saint someday?

My friend Mallory commissioned Kelly to draw her portrait

…as a Kelly Saint -in-training.

and here’s why:

…Now, I am wondering, if after I die, I will have a real super saint card, not just a saint in the making card, but a real saint with real holy cards and prayers. Time will tell, but look around you.

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Called to be a brat…in Christ

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with the expectations of my older kids, the assumption that I’m waiting at home just to pick them up and take them somewhere or that I’d like nothing more than to give them the last $20 from an inconvenient cash machine, just so they can go have a little more fun. I get my back up with the sense of entitlement. The what-can-you-do-for-me-now over the how-can-I-help?

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