June 13: an Anniversary and a Feast Day

I guess it made quite the impression on the kids when we explained that the baby would be in a box at our private little memorial service at the funeral home. Little Gabriel, pray for us.  June 13, 2005

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Feast Day Fun: Holy Family!

This is one of my favorite Feast Days of the whole Liturgical Calendar!

The Feast of the Holy Family!

I’ve made a number of Holy Family/ Nativity sets over the years. This was a gift for Bill, the Christmas before we were married. The figures were loosely based on patterns I found in a magazine…and the clothing and the stable were architected improvised with limited sewing skills.

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a Frenzy of Feast Days

This is a busy week with serious Feasting for Catholics with a number of awesome Feast Days!

We launched this 2nd Week of Advent with the Feast of St Nicholas! I grew up with the tradition of a visiting St Nicholas AND the Krampus.

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461 Saint Stickies: Original Catholic Artwork for your Calendar, Planner or Journal!

Last week, I released our new craft kit, the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar. It can be used year after year, and it comes with these awesome original-artwork Saint Stickies to customize the Liturgical Calendar.

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All Souls Day

Yup, we dropped the ball on All Souls’ Day this year… Good thing the door is open until November 8th for full plenary indulgences just for going to the cemetery and praying for the dead.

Actually the whole month of November is devoted to All Souls…so we can keep our special crafts and traditions honoring our deceased loved ones…all month long!

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Bring a Jar: Make an All Saints Votive Candle!

Is your neighborhood filled with spooky witches and ghosts and CANDLES?

Well…we Catholics almost invented candles…saying Mass in the Catacombs by candlelight.

OK, maybe not, but we are certainly no strangers to candles…and Votive Candles at Church!

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Quiet Craft for All Saints Party…or Month of November!

We’ve just released Series THREE of our Saint Scripts Craft Kits! Each kit includes a master set of Saint postcards or recipe cards with the Kelly Saints image, quick facts and short bio. These are great for quick reference…and we’ve put them on a ring for  an easy Saints resource at home, quick facts and distraction in the van and for display at Catholic conferences.

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Bring a Ring of Saints

One of the coolest things I have done with the new Saint Scripts Craft Kit is to add the 22 new full color Saint postcards… to my Saints Rolodex. It’s easy to flip through the alphabetically assembled saints for quick facts: an easy reference tool!

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THROUGH our vocation, WITH our vocation and IN our vocation

The canonization of St Louis and St Zélie today (the parents of St Thérèse of Lisieux) reminds us that we are ALL called to be saints

and we can get there…together, as parents!

We are reminded that part of our vocation in marriage is to help get our spouses to Heaven and St Louis and St Zélie lead the way in this, being the FIRST COUPLE to be CANONIZED TOGETHER!

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Feast Day Fun: Our Lady of the Rosary!

Feast Day Crafts and Activities

Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO).

October 7th is the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary

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