The Play Mass Kit

I’ve been planning to make a Play Mass kit for a couple years now and just started collecting the pieces a few months ago.

Before he even knew I was making the Play Mass Kit, Adam just recently started playing Mass in the living room.

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Priest Car

So, 5 year old Adam saw the pieces I’ve received in the mail to make our first ever Play Mass kit. He asks me everyday if it’s finished. When I told him that I also needed to make some priest vestments…he dragged my sewing machine up for me, from the basement. It took 2 hands…and a little dragging, but the sewing machine still works. =)

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Reproducible…One-of-a-Kind Gifts

One of the cool features of our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables…is the fact that each kit includes permission to copy for family or classroom use!

Each one of our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables is packed with Catholic Catechism, Saints, Prayers and Sacraments…and illustrated with our own original Kelly SaintsTM   artwork

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Painted Saints Church in a Wooden Box (Part II)

Recently, I used the Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit to convert this wooden lunchbox from Michaels…into a Church for our little Painted Saints!

Check out Painted Saint Church TO GO!

Just to prove that our craft kit is versatile…and after converting a Michaels wooden barn and a Goldfish Cracker Box to a Church, I picked up a couple other boxes from Michaels to make a few different styles of Church play sets for our Painted Saints.

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Painted Saint Church -TO-GO!

I’ve been shopping for hinged unfinished boxes for an even easier Painted Saint Church

…an easy box to find at the craft store… and easy to mod-podge the Cathedral clipart!

You might remember the barn-converted-to-Church.

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Another Classic Game…converted to be Catholic! HeadBandz!

As many of you know, we’ve been scrambling to print the Super Saints cards in time for the World Meeting of Families.

Our FlowerFunding campaign ends on Monday!

We have already released the Super Saints Craft Kit for those who just couldn’t wait to play with these unique quizzing cards and we’ve already had a number of awesome Catholic families tell us about how much fun they’ve been having, playing with these cards!

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So excited to share some exciting news!!! Jen at Faith and Fabric, Jennifer from Catholic Inspired, and I (Equipping Catholic Families) are teaming up to help make your Catholic crafting easier.

If the aisles of Hobby Lobby are where you seek refuge, the only thing you’ve ever shot is a glue gun, and gramming is how you share your pics with the world, then this post is for you.

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Cool 2B Catholic Stamping

Yesterday, we released the newly expanded Tower Tumble with Jumbo templates in case you’re up to making your own JUMBO Jenga(R) set for your backyard or youth group!

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Build Up Your Catholic Catechism!

Feast Day Fun: St Thomas

July 3rd is the Feast Day of St Thomas, the Apostle! He is the patron of Architects!

St Thomas is the Apostle who would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he felt the Wounds with his own hands.

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