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Looking for a last minute Sacrament Gift? Worried that the child will receive another Rosary or a Missal?

We’re pretty sure they haven’t seen these Catholic gifts!

Special Sacrament Bundle!

  • Hand in Hand with Jesus ($25)
  • Super Saints ($12)
  • Cathletics Playing Cards ($11)
  • Reverence & Awe Collector Cards ($5)

$53US + $19USshipping = $72US  $50US*

FJ book + SS,CPC,RA decks

(*Order TODAY! limited availability of Hand in Hand with Jesus Faith Journal and Reverence & Awe Collector Cards

and special Sacrament Bundle price available until May 31, 2016…unless inventory runs out before then!)

Sacrament GirlLet’s take a closer look!


Hand in Hand with Jesus Faith Journal

Two Journals in one!  The first section of the Faith Journal traces the teaching and celebration of the seven Sacraments and the Catholic Faith. The second section of the Faith Journal (“Heart to heart with Jesus”) offers thought provoking questions and reflections on life and a growing relationship with Jesus.

Price: $24.95 U.S. + shipping


Super Saints!

54 Saint Cards  + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box: These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and quantifiable facts and a short biography. Play REAL Card Games with this deck of beautiful Saints Cards!

1 deck = $12 + $6 shipping = $18US

More info: Super Saints!

Cathletics-11-300x300Cathletics Playing Cards

This 52+ card deck of playing cards is intended to introduce core concepts of our Faith for the dual purposes of training and ongoing, quick reference, prompting further discussion and deeper understanding.  The numbered cards offer special listings of terms gathered from our rich Catechism and Tradition of the Catholic Faith. The face cards, as well as the 4 suits are tailored to reflect the Holy Family and the Trinity.

More Info: Cathletics Playing Cards
$11US + shipping*


Reverence and Awe 2016Reverence & Awe Collector Cards

Reverence & Awe Collector Cards are intended to foster reverence and love for the Mass, as well as the Traditions and Devotions within the Catholic Church.  Each of the 38 cards offers illustrations of Vessels, Vestments, Sacramentals, Church Furnishings and Treasures of the Catholic Church and are complimented by selected phrases from the rich text of the Mass.

More Info: Reverence & Awe Collector Cards

$11 $5 + shipping

Get your Special Sacrament Bundle TODAY for only $50…before supplies run out!

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